Latest Reads: The Greenway Jane Adams.

AUGUST 1975: Cassie Maltham’s life changes forever one scorching day. She and her twelve-year-old cousin Suzie take a shortcut through the Greenway, an ancient pathway steeped in Norfolk legend. Somewhere along this path Suzie simply vanishes . . .

TWENTY YEARS LATER: Cassie is still tormented by nightmares, parts of her memory completely erased. With her husband Fergus and friends Anna and Simon, she returns to Norfolk, determined to confront her fears and solve a mystery that won’t let her rest.

Then another young girl goes missing at the entrance to the Greenway, and Cassie is pushed once more into the darkest recesses of her mind.

I think this is one of the creepiest and oft disturbing psychological thrillers I’ve read in a while, one in which the author manages to keep it surface steady whilst letting the dark undertones sneak up on you.

Cassie is a fascinating character, whose mind plays tricks on her and whose dreams may hold the key to an age old mystery. But a new missing child overshadows Cassie’s attempts to heal.

This is a multi arc drama featuring police investigation and Cassie’s ongoing trauma . Jane Adams weaves a mystical and intriguing tale, where superstition and practicality collide, where the unexpected lurks and the finale may well play on the mind.

Clever. Great writing and layered characters.


You can purchase The Greenway (Joffe) here.

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