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Publication Date: January 25th from Simon Schuster UK

Source: Review copy

The sergeant took some from each box and spread them around the floor so they could all see. Dozens upon dozens of them. DI Rachel Narey’s guess was that there were a few hundred in all. 


Many of them were in crowd scenes, some just sitting on a park bench or walking a dog or waiting for a bus or working in shops. They seemed to have no idea they’d been photographed.

A dawn raid on the home of a suspected rapist leads to a chilling discovery, a disturbing collection hidden under floorboards. Narey is terrified at the potential scale of what they’ve found and of what brutalities it may signal.
    When the photographs are ruled inadmissible as evidence and the man walks free from court, Narey knows she’s let down the victim she’d promised to protect and a monster is back on the streets.
    Tony Winter’s young family is under threat from internet trolls and he is determined to protect them whatever the cost. He and Narey are in a race against time to find the unknown victims of the photographer’s lens – before he strikes again.

The Photographer was bang on target, highly addictive, horrifically beautifully written and to be honest my favourite of this series to date.

Craig Robertson tackles some currently relevant and highly emotional themes here, with a novel that is not a “whodunnit” but a “how will they catch him” story featuring our favourite duo of Narey and Winter. Not only is this a hugely impacting story but it is done with finesse and authenticity, walking that difficult to see line between entertainment and compassion pretty much to perfection.

It is scary and it is highly current in it’s underlying message, but also a real page turner with many thought provoking levels. It is a tale that evokes a genuine response in the reader, I was at turns angry, sad and, well, pretty much the gamut of all emotions, I read this in a day in a few gulped down sittings so anxious did it make me to discover the resolution.

Managing to put some unexpected outcomes in along the way, giving loyal readers of the series a good dose of the interactions we love between the two main characters, adding in a fascinating look at the problem of social media trolling and keeping it real every step of the way, The Photographer is cleverly insightful, incredibly compelling and utterly utterly gripping.

Yes. It’s a bit good.

Highly Recommended.

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