Latest Reads: The Poison Garden Alex Marwood.

Where Romy grew up, if someone died you never spoke of them again.

Now twenty-two, she has recently escaped the toxic confines of the cult she was raised in. But Romy is young, pregnant and completely alone – and if she is to keep herself safe in this new world, she has some important lessons to learn.

Like how there are some people you can trust, and some you must fear. And about who her family really is, and why her mother ran away from them all those years ago.

And that you can’t walk away from a dark past without expecting it to catch up with you…

This is a novel I’ve been waiting for and it was worth every second of that wait- nobody engages me with thought provoking characters and stories like Alex Marwood and The Poison Garden is tense, beautiful and utterly gripping.

The thing about this book is it is full of layers, Romy is unforgettable and her life experience and how it defines her sets the anchor for the wider story. This is a dark dark tale indeed, edgy and unpredictable, the cult theme expanded upon in hugely compelling ways. The author manages every aspect of the drama pitch perfectly, leaving you the reader feeling off kilter and concerned for the outcome as if these were real people. She absorbs you into their world immediately and unrelentingly, less a read more a life experience.

If happy endings, rainbows and kittens are your thing then this will not be for you – however if you like your reading to push the boundaries of your usual thinking, if you like to see the world from a different perspective and most of all if you want those characters and tales that take you out of your comfort zone then The Poison Garden will no doubt be one of your books of the year.

Highly Recommended. All the way.

You can purchase The Poison Garden (Sphere) Here.

Happy Reading!

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