Latest Reads: The Unauthorised Biography Of Ezra Mars. Daniel James.

Ezra Maas is dead. The famously reclusive artist vanished without a trace seven years ago while working on his final masterpiece, but his body was never found. While the Maas Foundation prepares to announce his death, journalist Daniel James finds himself hired to write the untold story of the artist’s life. But this is no ordinary book. The deeper James delves into the myth, the more he is drawn into a nightmarish world of fractured identities and sinister doubles, where art and reality have become dangerously blurred…

This book was brilliant. Totally insane and crazy on too many levels to list but utterly brilliant.

It’s been a while since a novel challenged the very way I read but Ezra Mars certainly did that with its mix of fact and fiction, pushing the boundaries of the narrative norms and forcing the reader to think outside the box for the entirety of the read.

Back and forth I went, often using Google to expand my knowledge of the real world layers and I probably looked at more art during the process of reading this than I have in my life ever. The Unauthorised Biography Of Ezra Mars is an immersive experience with neo noir aspects, surreal edgy moments that make you unable to separate fact from fiction and backing it all up with ingenious online resources.

Or maybe it’s all real and the Daniel James of the book is Daniel James the author and also Ezra Mars who may or may not exist and The Maas Foundation may be watching me as we speak…

Who knows? I finished this book and immediately had an existential crisis. Not sure I’m over it yet…

Surreal and extraordinarily clever – read this one. Be afraid though. Be very afraid…

Highly Recommended

You can purchase The Unauthorised Biography Of Ezra Mars (Dead Ink) Here.

Happy Reading!

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