Latest Reads: The Wolf Leo Carew.

The Anakim dwell in the desolate forests and mountains beyond the black river, the land under the Northern Sky.
Their ancient ways are forged in Unthank silver and carved in the grey stone of their heartland, their lives measured out in the turning of centuries, not years.

By contrast, the Sutherners live in the moment, their vitality much more immediate and ephemeral than their Anakim neighbors.

Fragile is the peace that has existed between these very different races – and that peace is shattered when the Suthern armies flood the lands to the north.
These two races revive their age-old hatred and fear of each other. Within the maelstrom of war, two leaders will rise to lead their people to victory.
Only one will succeed.

Easy 5* for me, I LOVED The Wolf from it’s battle cry opening to it’s “Nooo give me more ” finale..

Two Sides. One Victor. Kind of although in war everyone loses. Leo Carew weaves a beautifully descriptive world around a plethora of vibrant, depthful characters, all of whom engage in different ways.

The North and the South are very different beasts…politically, socially and psychologically- two sides bound up in history, opposing the other, the storytelling is impressive with the way it is delivered, keeping you in each moment whilst waiting for the metaphorical axe to fall.

There are good guys and bad guys here but certainly not in the traditional sense..from the power hungry to the more intelligently considered, each one comes with his or her own shades of grey.

Political shenanigans, betrayal, loyalty, love and life all play their part in this gorgeous, sprawling epic – I adored it and I simply cannot wait to read the next novel.

This may be my new obsession.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase The Wolf (Wildfire) Here. 

Happy Reading!

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