Latest Reads: The Woods Vanessa Savage.

There’s a lot from Tess’s childhood that she would rather forget. The family who moved next door and brought chaos to their quiet lives. The two girls who were murdered, their killer never found. But the only thing she can’t remember is the one thing she wishes she could.

Ten years ago, Tess’s older sister died. Ruled a tragic accident, the only witness was Tess herself, but she has never been able to remember what happened that night in the woods.

Now living in London, Tess has resolved to put the trauma behind her. But an emergency call from her father forces her back to the family home, back to where her sister’s body was found, and to the memories she thought were lost forever ….

I started The Woods meaning to just see how it might shape up but then it seemed I’d barely taken a breath and I was done. Utterly addictive, totally compelling and beautifully plotted throughout.

The unreliable narrator trope has been popular for a while to differing standards – in Tess we have a classic example of how to do it really really well- she is unreliable and knows it- yet she is determined to uncover the truth. But is it a truth she can live with?

The group dynamic of fractured and reformed family is intensely involving, set during a Summer when a killer is on the loose. In present day the group return home to sit at the deathbed of one of their own- but old rivalries and half remembered events set up a collision course of repercussions..

It really is an excellent psychological thriller, atmospheric and disturbing both in character and event and the ending is perfectly done. Wonderful.

Highly Recommended .

You can purchase The Woods (Sphere) here.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Lynne says:

    I just finished reading “The woman in the dark” and LOVED it. Now I can’t wait to read “The Woods”.

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