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Three university scientists are found dead in a gruesome murder-suicide, and the only suspect in the case, Victor Lazar, is quickly captured. When the spate of violent suicides follows him to prison he is moved to solitary confinement, reserved for the highest-risk inmates. And then his assigned psychologist inexplicably takes his own life.

Alex Madison, a former forensic psychologist turned private therapist, is brought in to interview Victor. He suspects that Victor is controlling his victims, somehow coaxing them into a suggestive trance. It seems like science fiction, but as Alex digs deeper he uncovers a frightening reality of secret research and cruel experimentation—and the perpetrators are closer to home than he could ever have imagined.

Too late, Alex learns the true extent of what Victor is capable of—and who he’s after. With everything he holds dear at risk, can Alex take control of a dangerous mind—before it takes control of him?

Trance is a very addictive thriller with an excellent speculative premise, it is tension fuelled and disturbing, with an interesting main protagonist in Alex Madison.

The story jumps between past and present as we learn about Victor, his childhood and weird ability while in the present Alex tries to discover his intentions not realising they are tied together in unexpected ways..

There are twists and turns plus some edge of the seat moments ending with a tense stand off and an excellent set up for the next book.

Very entertaining. Recommended.

You can purchase Trance ( Thomas and Mercer) Here.

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