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When a stolen car crashes into a house on a suburban street, the police are shocked to discover a woman being held captive inside the building. As the remains of many more victims are found in the house, it seems that the Red River Killer – who has been abducting women for twenty years and taunting the police with letters about his crimes – has finally been identified.

As the hunt for the killer intensifies, DI Will Turner finds the investigation edging dangerously close to uncovering his own demons. He must be the one to catch the killer while keeping his own past buried. The clock is ticking, and there are lives at stake…

I’m crazy about this book because it hooked me straight in then I had to look threateningly at anyone who tried to stop me reading before I finished it. Then I finished it and cried. Even though it is a book about very dark subjects, a crime book with a big dose of creepy that kept me up at night, the emotional resonance Steve Mosby brings to his writing is second to none in the field and I felt every moment of it.

What this author does, not only here but in his previous novels, is put a little subtle twist on the genre, a clever bit of a run around things that makes you feel you are right in your crime reading comfort zone but about to be shoved off a cliff at any moment. And quite often are. Its a long drop that can leave you dazed in the best way. Always terrifically character driven I think “You Can Run” was probably even more so – not only in the creation of Will Turner who is incredibly engaging yet full of hidden depths, but in the wider cast and the intelligent manipulation of the various dynamics – add into that a plot that rather gracefully manages to defy expectations and assumptions and you are onto a real winner.

For that reason I won’t say much more about it. You don’t need details to my mind what you need is to know that this is a genuinely top notch, cleverly and beautifully written crime novel with a huge heart. So obviously I’m going to say Highly Recommended.

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