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In an idyllic house in a Swedish wood, Merry and her husband are building their new dream life with their young baby, far away from events that overshadowed their old life in New York. And they’re happy, aren’t they? Blissfully, blissfully happy.

When Merry’s childhood friend Frances comes to stay, Frances barely recognises her old friend Merry, pureeing baby food, baking, living the Swedish dream. But little by little, cracks begin to show in her carefully constructed fairy tale. And Frances starts to see things others might miss. Dark and treacherous things.

And then a terrible tragedy unfolds…

You Were Made For  This is a beautifully written, utterly riveting and genuinely disturbing novel that ate up my morning.

Merry and Sam live an idyllic life in Sweden – but even the brightest lives hide the darkest secrets. When Merry’s best friend Frank comes to stay she sets off a series of events that lead to tragedy…

You Were Made For This is extremely absorbing – the author paints a picture with words, the sense of place is palpable and the characters pop from the page. They are horrible horrible people to be honest, don’t expect to have much sympathy for any of them but that, in itself, makes this extraordinarily compelling. The disquieting, morbid sense of it creeps up on you, leading you further into the quagmire of human nature with an absolutely captivating prose that digs you deep into the lives of these three ingeniously done characters.

It is a tangled web that unravels around you and every single moment of it is completely, darkly enchanting. It has an almost fairy tale sense to it – the type the Grimm brothers wrote if you read the originals rather than the Disney versions – the sense of horror that comes slowly but surely, leaving you melancholy and a little fretful.

Intelligent writing, a hugely gripping story, a slow burn to an emotionally horrific conclusion, You Were Made For This is definitely one of the best books of it’s kind I have read this year. I was hooked, couldn’t look away, I read first page to last in one huge gulp of a sitting.

Highly Recommended.

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