Liz Currently Loves (a LOT!) ….Smilers Fair by Rebecca Levene.


Publication Date: 31st July from Hodder and Staughton.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the Review copy.

Yron the moon god died, but now he’s reborn in the false king’s son. His human father wanted to kill him, but his mother sacrificed her life to save him. He’ll return one day to claim his birthright. He’ll change your life.
He’ll change everything.
Smiler’s Fair: the great moving carnival where any pleasure can be had, if you’re willing to pay the price. They say all paths cross at Smiler’s Fair. They say it’ll change your life. For five people, Smiler’s Fair will change everything.

Before I talk about this one I have a little secret to tell you. I mostly dislike Epic Fantasy. You are looking at the girl who detested the  Game of Thrones novels (too much death, not clever anymore just irritating) who after several attempts gave up on Lord of the Rings as endlessly dull and although I read a lot of it trying to find the love, it doesnt happen often. I was however highly intrigued by this one when the lovely peeps over at Hodderscape told me I’d love it. They know what they are talking about and the blurb did make me go “ooh” so I thought..well..maybe this time. Anyway a happy reading dance of joy ensued and the rest as they say…is history.

This is a magnificent sprawling tale, set in a beautifully built world that has something for everyone. No really, something for everyone. A bit of love, a bit of life, some magic, some mayhem…a touch of irony and a whole plethora of superbly drawn characters for you to love, hate, root for and want to throw off a cliff. There are different landscapes to explore, a fantastic mythology to unravel, its pretty much a Road Trip in book form that will take you on an exciting and fun filled journey of discovery. Simply stunning.

From the opening pages, where you will find an emotionally compelling act of motherly love, to the meeting of the characters you will come to know well, you will be immediately hooked into this strange and remarkable place…and once you enter Smilers Fair all bets are off. All roads lead there, with a subtle twist of penmanship Rebecca Levene will take you by the hand and show you the way. Often surprising, always compelling and with a fabulous writing style that invokes a real sense and feeling for all that is going on, I have absolutely no problem in saying this is the best novel of its kind I have read in years. Perhaps ever.

I could talk a bit more about the plot – but I would truly hate to destroy the magic for the next reader. There is a lot going on, all of it relevant to the heart of the story, and this is most definitely a perfect Part One. A complete and well rounded tale, setting up what and who you need to know in order to take the next steps – in fact that is the ONLY downside of this book for me, its going to be a long long wait until I can get back on that road. Sigh. Still there was that happy reading dance…

I love to read. I loved reading this. These are the stories that remind us why we reading addicts devour book after book – because sometimes you get one like Smilers Fair. An adventure to have without leaving your chair, one that absorbs you, takes over your life for a while and lets you live elsewhere, somewhere unimaginable until there it is. Right in your living room. Awesomesauce!

Read it. Live it. Love it.

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