Liz Currently Loves…Biblical by Christopher Galt.


Publication Date: May 1st from Quercus.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the copy via a Goodreads Giveaway.

An apocalyptic thriller on an epic scale that will make you question your own reality.
All around the world, people start to see things that aren’t there, that cannot be. Visions, ghosts, events from the past playing out in the present.

This was brilliant. And extraordinarily unnerving. I’m still in it now 24 hours later thats how good it is.

When people all over the world start experiencing weird sensations of deja vu, followed by hallucinations, Dr John Macbeth gets drawn into a mystery – what he discovers may change humanity forever.

One of the taglines on this is “it will make you question your own reality” – well yes. It absolutely did. Intelligent and extremely addictive reading, not a chapter passed me by without some level of contemplation before diving into the next – this is so well constructed, with so many twists and turns and genuinely mind blowing moments that you will barely be able to catch your breath. With elements of both science and faith, shrewdly playing on that feeling of disconnection we all get at times, you will find yourself thinking about it in those odd quiet moments of life and wondering…

Terrific characters, some peripheral, some magically involving, along with some absolutely stunning scene setting, especially with reference to the hallucinations, I would find it hard to think of an apocalyptic thriller that is better than this one for pure reading adrenalin. It will suck you in, mess with your head, then spit you out the other side feeling like you’ve run a marathon. Maybe. But have you really?

Some fascinating and gripping idea’s here, a thought provoking, stunning read and one I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who can appreciate a damn good story that not only entertains but also makes you look at the world around you in a whole new way…

Read it. Live it. Love it.

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  1. Jenny M says:

    I LOVED this book, too. It’s a keeper.

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