Liz Currently Loves…Every Fifteen Minutes – Lisa Scottoline.


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I plan everything. I set everyone in motion, and when the moment comes, I strike.

Psychologist Dr Eric Parrish is unwittingly under threat.

Recently separated from his wife, Eric is learning to become a single parent to his seven-year-old daughter, and life is far from straightforward.

Now Eric has a new patient who could be a severe danger to others. And he must make a decision that will leave deadly consequences in its wake.

The clock is ticking, and someone is hell bent on destroying Eric’s practice, his family, his life.

But how can you defend yourself against an enemy you don’t know?

And can you ever win a game you don’t even know you are playing?

So having always thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Scottoline’s thrillers I was looking forward to Every Fifteen Minutes and I really loved it – I found it was actually the most addictive novel yet from this author with a really intriguing story, some lovely little twists and turns and some great characters.

So Eric Parrish is not having the best time in his personal life – meanwhile in his professional one he has attracted the attention of a dangerously unstable personality – oblivious to this he is walking a fine line without even knowing it..

It was completely compelling throughout – Eric was fascinating, conflicted and intelligent, perhaps a little too committed to his patient care occasionally he was a great character to follow along with and Lisa Scottoline does a terrific job of obscuring the truth and keeping you on your toes as to who, exactly, is causing Eric these problems.

The little chapters from the point of view of the psychopathic personality were fascinating, adding a great depth to the ongoing drama and occasionally sending a shiver up the spine, the fact that people like this can be so well hidden. Really, it could be anybody. Probably best not to think too much on that one in case you decide the hermit lifestyle might be safer…

With an ending that may well surprise you and plenty of page turning action going on, overall this was a really terrific read and I would recommend it for thriller fans, as I would this authors other novels.

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  1. carol says:

    I must look for this one – thanks for the review Liz

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