Liz Currently Loves….Mr Einstein and Me by Adam Bethlehem


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Ben seeks refuge from intrusive memories in the world of his imagination. Life changes when he meets Holly at a party in London – the invasion of his thoughts is complete when she appears beside him in a favourite dream. He introduces her to Albert Einstein who seems to approve of his ambitions.
The silver lining of new-found happiness is threatened by the great cloud of his past. But assistance is at hand. From Mr Freud’s famous couch, Ben must overcome the prejudice of privilege if he is to reclaim Holly …

This was actually a very different kind of read for me and one that I found unexpected in many ways – initially I was not sure that I would like it but it kind of draws you into the tale so that suddenly you are at the end.

Ben Adams is an outsider – he struggles with reality and has an active and some might say disturbing imaginary life that runs alongside his actual one. These two strands are cleverly interwoven and give Ben as a character a rather strange yet intriguing depth to him – you get caught up in his world and his relationships and go along with him on a journey to discover himself.

I liked the Einsten and Freud threads running through the narrative – often ironically humerous, adding layers to the life story, this is highly imaginative, intelligently done and unique to me in that I have never read anything quite like it before. Admittedly I struggled somewhat with the start, hence why I was not sure that I would like it, but Adam Bethlehem has a distinct writing style that soon engaged me to the point that I did not want to put it the end I was deeply immersed in the storytelling and the atmosphere of it.

I’m not sure how I would describe it – one of those novels that kind of defies genre, a book to be read just because normally you would not perhaps – within the pages you will ultimately find a tale of hope and the search for a perfection that it may not be possible to achieve – an often witty and deeply compelling journey into one mans psyche.


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