Liz Currently Loves…….The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.



So. Another Young Adult novel, this time dealing with alien invasion. Before I started this I had been told by many people that this was a superior novel within its genre – and boy they were right! I can’t really pinpoint why it was such a page turner – but my best guess is, Rick Yancey’s characters. They pop. Every single one of them brings life to the story – not a cardboard cutout filler to be found. Told from various points of view throughout, the story is action packed all the way but still manages to find time for reflection – especially in the “back” story if you like, when we learn how the invasion started and what waves 1-4 consisted of. Never dull, always emotional, never giving you time to completely relax, I would highly recommend not picking this up until you are fairly sure you won’t have to put it down again until you are done. You will breathe with Cassie, live through Evan, need to be a parent to Sammy and become a whole new person with Ben. Brilliant. Don’t miss this.

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