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On Earth, the Wisdom family has always striven to be more normal than normal. But Simon Wisdom, the youngest child, is far from normal: he can see the souls of the dead. And now the ghosts of children are begging him to help them, as they face something worse than death. The only problem is, he doesn’t know how.
In a far-away land of magic and legends, Matyas has dragged himself up from the gutter and inveigled his way into the Wizards’ college. In time, he will become more powerful than all of them – but will his quest blind him to the needs of others? For Matyas can also hear the children crying.
But neither can save the children alone, for the child eater is preying on two worlds…

A terrific fantasy tale for young adults, The Child Eater is intelligently constructed, magically written and as addictive as chocolate cake. With cream and sprinkles.

There are some dark themes running through the narrative, but it also has a wonderful spiritual feel to the whole thing that keeps you immersed into the magic even in the darker moments – as we follow Matyas, living in a world very different to our own, who is bound and determined to become a master wizard and fly, his journey is one of wonder and a sprinkling of horror.  In our world Jack and Simon Wisdom struggle with the loss of Simon’s mother and with the strange occurrences that surround Simon. These two boys are connected in ways that they will never know and only together can they defeat The Child Eater – a creature who was born in myth and is surrounded by mystery.

Rachel Pollack has created a rich vein of mythology and magic, woven a web of enchanting and evocative storytelling and given her characters heart and soul, which makes the whole reading experience one of contemplation along  with the  pure adrenalin rush that comes from a novel that you sink into during the time you are there. Matyas and Simon are both very real, in their emotions, their thought processes and their individuality – Matyas walks a fine line between honour and selfishness and Simon has to find a way to accept who he is whilst not destroying his family. It is emotive stuff at times but always always fascinating and unpredictable.

For me this is the type of storytelling that is perfect for around the campfire – toasting marshmallows and jumping at shadows – and also perfect for the new generation of readers and their parents, a wonderful tale, flush with illusion and reality and overall I would highly recommend it for lovers of Fantasy everywhere.

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