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I think if I read any more good books, my head might explode. No, really, it might explode. Luckily for Mr Edwards, the police will not be arresting him for manslaughter because despite the brilliance of his solo novel, I managed to drink a decent cup of coffee just in time having finished it, so my brain is still intact. Just. Jamie and Kirsty find their perfect home (remember that feeling? I do!) and move in with visions of a happy fulfilling future together. At first everything really is perfect. They settle in, meet their neighbours, plan on a baby and basically do everything you do when you are expecting a fairly standard but absolutely terrific future together. Then, slowly and inexorably, things change. At first its little things – pizza’s arriving unexpectedly, subscriptions to magazines they have no interest in, and hoax calls to the fire brigade…but this is just the start. The beauty of this novel lies in the small details and the descriptive prose used to make us feel what Kirsty and Jamie are be right there at their side when at first bemusement, then disbelief, then terror strike. Their state of mind and actions are extremely realistic – and the cause of their problem, a particular set of neighbours, are mundane enough in their appearance to be truly frightening. What can you do when anyone you tell looks at you as if you are the mad one? If the Police can do nothing, and indeed can’t even admit there is a problem? These are the issues that face this couple. I read this in a day and some terrific writing means that, having read it, even knowing that my own neighbours are lovely people, I am going to be viewing them with a certain amount of suspicion for quite some time. Sorry neighbours! Brilliant stuff. More please.AND currently only 99p for the Kindle…visit Amazon NOW!

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