Liz Currently Loves…..This is the Water by Yannick Murphy


Publication Date: 31st July 2014 from Headline.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via Bookbridgr.

This is a novel about a woman. About a mother. About a marriage.
About a murder.
In the brightly lit public pool the killer swims and watches. Amongst the mothers cheering on their swim team daughters is Annie. Watching her two girls race, she’s thinking of other things. Her husband’s emotional distance. Her lost brother. The man she’s drawn to.

This was an absolutely superb read – definitely one of the most evocative and compelling novels I have read lately – with a quirky and unusual style which gives it an excellent edge over any other fiction you may be reading right now and one that drew me into the emotional complexity of the story almost immediately. I say almost, because like me, it may take you a chapter or two to get with the flow – but trust me, once it kicks in it is utterly compelling and without doubt highly imaginative and intriguing.

Centred around a swim team and their parents this is a character driven, fascinating story which is mostly told through the thoughts and experiences of individual players as events unfold around them. Annie takes the main stage, a mother of two daughters and she is one of the most tightly drawn and engaging characters you are likely to meet this year. In the background, always, is the water, soothing, whispering, a non human observer of all…

I loved the ambience of this – Yannick Murphy pushes the boundaries of fiction here in an extremely captivating way, giving a terrific insight into the people involved with some exceptional writing. Taking a much done tale – that of an unseen murderer stalking a community – and giving it a curious twist of circumstance, this is the type of book that makes you sit up and realise that there are still ways to innovate when it comes to the art of storytelling.

As the action unfolded, very gently, subtle in its complexity yet always always captivating, I was completely and utterly immersed into many worlds in one. The intricacy of family, the heat of competition, the heart of darkness, the ramifications of decisions we make – many threads running through an incredible and completely riveting tale. Unexpectedly scintillating.

An ingenious novel, ground breaking, contemporary fiction at its best, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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