Love Can Be. A collection for animal lovers.


Love can be and sure enough is moving in all things, in all places, in all forms of life at the same snap of your finger.” —Woody Guthrie

From the press release: 

LOVE CAN BE: A Literary Collection About Our Animals Edited By: Louisa McCune and Teresa Miller On Sale: October 23, 2018
***All net proceeds will be donated to animal charities***

“A bonanza of biophilia! Whether it’s a lifetime of canine companionship or a brief encounter with a bobcat, the writers of this diverse collection mine their lives and hearts to help us understand the non-people of our planet—and why they mean the world to us.” —Gordon Grice, author of Cabinet of Curiosities and The Red Hourglass

Oklahoma native Woody Guthrie said it first and best. This new anthology of poems and prose, LOVE CAN BE: A LITERARY COLLECTION ABOUT OUR ANIMALS is proof of what love can be, as thirty acclaimed authors join together to champion life in all of its forms. This is their gift to the world, not just the artistry of their words, but their vision of an extended community that includes cats, birds, frogs, butterflies, bears, dogs, racoons, horses, a full-out menagerie of beings that enriches us all.

“Love Can Be is one of those perfect and rare intersections that combines contemporary literature, animal wellbeing, and philanthropy. It’s a privilege to bring all of these writers into one place that celebrates great writing and advocacy. Animal protection and arts education are among our core areas of focus at Kirkpatrick Foundation, and this book certainly carries with it that message,” says Louisa McCune, editor of LOVE CAN BE and executive director of the Kirkpatrick Foundation.


This broad-hearted vision comes with responsibility, and that responsibility speaks to the mission of the Kirkpatrick Foundation, publisher of the book. The Kirkpatrick Foundation will donate all net proceeds of sales of this volume to animal charities in Oklahoma as well as honoraria donated to the contributors’ selected animal charities.

Kirkpatrick Foundation and Impact:

The Kirkpatrick Foundation is one of the oldest private philanthropies in Oklahoma. Established on May 17, 1955 with an initial contribution of $10,000, it has given more than $65 million dollars to date in grants, charitable activities, donations, and more.

The Foundation’s mission is to support arts, culture, education, animal wellbeing, environmental conservation, and historic preservation, primarily in Oklahoma. In 2012, the foundation established a bold and compelling vision for animal wellbeing: “To make Oklahoma the safest and most humane place to be an animal by year 2032.”

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  1. What a charming idea for a book. Animals, be it pets or wildlife, truly are “as good as gold”, isn’t it!

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