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They have cheated death.
Defied their people.
Changed beyond recognition.
Their love has survived the impossible.
But now they must learn to trust again:
the future of their worlds depends on it.

I’ve really loved this series and now it has drawn to a close with ” Dominion” I am actually quite distraught. It has been entirely brilliant start to finish, engaging, intense, amazing characters and a gorgeously imagined mythology. I can only hope that these two writers do more together. Oh if wishing made it so…

I’m not going to talk too much about plot because I’m sure that there are readers out there still to discover this series – but in basic terms we have an Earth run by alien conquerers, a rebellion, a trip around a few other planets, a bit of a love story, a LOT of adventure and some magical writing that just makes the whole thing beautifully addictive.

One thing that struck me about The Chronicles of the Invaders as a whole was the way John Connolly and Jennie Ridyard layered the plot, adding new levels and intrigue with every book, building the story in a quite superb way towards a tense, bang on satisfying conclusion. Dominion was pretty  godarn perfect, even though things happened that made me want to throw shoes at the authors (its ok they have a suitable amount of distance and my aim is terrible)  – this is also a series that I will return to and read again, because it is one of those where you will find added joy in seeing things unfold whilst knowing what is coming.

Overall it has been a fantastic reading experience. A very adult young adult series with thought provoking themes running throughout, some truly incredible world building and some unforgettable characters.

Highly Recommended.

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The Earth has been invaded by the Illyri, a beautiful, civilized, yet ruthless alien race. Humanity has been conquered, but still it fights the invaders. The Resistance grows stronger, for it is the young people of Earth who are best equipped to battle the Illyri.

Syl Hellais, conceived among the stars, is the oldest alien child on Earth, the first to reach sixteen years of age. Her father rules the planet. Her future is assured. And Syl has hidden gifts, powers that even she does yet fully understand.

But all is not as it seems. The Illyri are at war among themselves, and the sinister Nairene Sisterhood has arrived on Earth, hungry for new blood. When Syl helps a pair of young Resistance fighters to escape execution, she finds herself sentenced to death, pursued by her own kind, and risks breaking the greatest taboo of her race by falling in love with a human.

Now the hunter has become the hunted, the predator become prey.

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Syl Hellias: an Illyri, the first of her kind to be born on Earth. Paul Kerr: a human, dedicated to his people’s resistance of the alien invasion. Brought together by chance they formed the strongest of bonds. Now they are to be punished for that love.

Exiled to the outermost reaches of the universe, Syl and Paul must each make journeys that will lead them to the horrifying truths harbored at the heart of the Illyri Empire. And to a force with the power shake the the universe to its very core.

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