New Release Spotlight: The Summer of Impossible Things Rowan Coleman

Publication Date: Available Now from Ebury

Source: Review Copy

If you could change the past, would you?

Thirty years ago, something terrible happened to Luna’s mother. Something she’s only prepared to reveal after her death. 

Now Luna and her sister have a chance to go back to their mother’s birthplace and settle her affairs. But in Brooklyn they find more questions than answers, until something impossible – magical – happens to Luna, and she meets her mother as a young woman back in the summer of 1977. 

At first Luna’s thinks she’s going crazy, but if she can truly travel back in time, she can change things. But in doing anything – everything – to save her mother’s life, will she have to sacrifice her own?

This book is made entirely of magic.

Beautifully written and stunning in its impact, this is a story about love in all its forms and the things we sacrifice for it.

Also: Time travel and Disco.  So what else do you honestly need?

Rowan Coleman writes with such a gorgeous lyrical style that you get caught up in the narrative and come out the other side a little starry eyed. And a little tearful. Luna is such an engaging protagonist, thrown into a strange and unlikely situation, during a very sad time in her life and ultimately making it her own –  travelling a path of odd and emotional decision making events.

The 70’s come to life, as we travel back and forth, the author paints the years with different colours, dark and light, shading each decade with it’s own sense of place – I loved it loved it, I couldn’t put it down and it was melancholy yet life affirming – when I got to the end I went back and read portions again just for the sheer joy of it. The ending was  genuinely thought provoking and so so exquisite, the fact that the characters are so very alive on the page during the reading just making it more so.

It’s hard to know what to say to be honest because as I started with, The Summer of Impossible Things is just made entirely of magic. Some of it dark magic, some of it light magic but pure pure magic. I think that’s really all you need to know.

Highly HIGHLY recommended. Even for the most cynical readers. In fact even more so for the cynical ones.

Go get it.

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