Once Upon A River Diane Setterfield blog tour review.

A dark midwinter’s night in an ancient inn on the Thames. The regulars are entertaining themselves by telling stories when the door bursts open on an injured stranger. In his arms is the drowned corpse of a little child.

Hours later the dead girl stirs, takes a breath and returns to life.

Is it a miracle?

Is it magic?

Or can it be explained by science?

Replete with folklore, suspense and romance, as well as with the urgent scientific curiosity of the Darwinian age, Once Upon a River is as richly atmospheric as Setterfield’s bestseller The Thirteenth Tale.

I loved this beautifully haunting, lyrical tale of magic and storytelling, it is incredibly immersive and atmospheric to the point the world goes away.

The historical setting, the brilliantly imagined characters and the often unexpected journey make for a rich tapestry of a tale, creative and clever, Diane Setterfield transports you to that Inn on a dark night where anything might happen then expands that world, taking the reader with her.

The plot is intelligent and wonderful, I wouldn’t want to give it away, but if you like a mixture of science and myth, the stories that speak to the power of the telling, then this is the book for you.


You can purchase Once Upon A River (Doubleday) here.

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