Ones to Watch in 2018. The Feed. Nick Clark Windo

Publication Date: January 2018 from Headline

Source: Review Copy

It makes us. It destroys us. 

The Feed is everywhere. It can be accessed by anyone, at any time. Every interaction, every emotion, every image can be shared through it.

Tom and Kate use The Feed, but they have resisted addiction to it. And this will serve them well when The Feed collapses.

Until their six-year-old daughter, Bea, goes missing.

Because how do you find someone in a world devoid of technology? And what happens when you can no longer trust that your loved ones are really who they claim to be?

Warning: The Feed is ludicrously addictive so take the day off when you know it’s coming!

So the second of my “Ones to Watch” for next year is this one,  “The Feed” by Nick Clark Windo – and it is a dream of a read, speculative fiction set in the real world and incredibly current considering how fast technology is advancing and what it is becoming capable of – the author writes a cautionary tale about our reliance on such things and manages to make it beautifully authentic, often very emotional and always always fascinating.

In Tom and Kate we have two very engaging and different characters, struggling in a world left bereft. trying to do the best that they can. Then they lose Bea, their 6 year old, the rest of the book is made up of their desperate attempts to find her, it is a “road trip” of extreme danger and frustration – and boy do you feel it.

I loved the very human feel of this – the layers and the nuances – it is one reason for it’s highly addictive quality and the writing is stunning in its descriptive sense and terrific character building. There are a few spanners thrown in the works that will have you on the edge of your seat and there is an ending that may tip you over.

I devoured this story barely putting it down. Great concept, great execution, plenty of book trauma with a huge emotional rush of an ending. Left me vaguely tearful.

Highly Recommended.

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