Ones To Watch in 2018. Turn A Blind Eye Vicky Newham

Publication Date: April 5th 2018 from HQ

Source: Review Copy

A twisted killer has a deadly riddle for DI Maya Rahman to solve in this pulse-racing thriller, the first in an addictive new series set in East London.

A headmistress is found strangled in her East London school, her death the result of a brutal and ritualistic act of violence. Found at the scene is a single piece of card, written upon which is an ancient Buddhist precept:

I shall abstain from taking the ungiven.

At first, DI Maya Rahman can’t help but hope this is a tragic but isolated murder. Then, the second body is found.

Faced with a community steeped in secrets and prejudice, and with a serial killer on her hands, Maya must untangle the cryptic messages left at the crime scenes to solve the deadly riddle behind the murders – before the killer takes another victim.

I can see why the marketing labels this “Your new obsession” because Turn A Blind Eye is highly addictive, beautifully flowing words and that “just one more chapter” vibe that us bookworms love – and often lose sleep for turning up bleary eyed for work the next day.

I read a really early version of this and it was great then but now it is greater, a cleverly woven mystery, a culturally diverse setting and set of characters, a deeply layered and thought provoking plot all wrapped up in a vivid mix of police procedural and psychological thriller.

The characters here reflect the setting which reflects the story, a murder, a cryptic clue (don’t you just LOVE the cryptic clues?) and a race against time to stop a killer before he or she strikes again. DI Maya Rahman is perfectly drawn, enigmatically intriguing, battling prejudice on many levels whilst dealing with a personal loss, she never loses sight of what is important. The supporting characters are all given equal gravitas, they will draw you into their world which is also our world – a huge dose of authenticity gives Turn A Blind Eye an added edge and readability.

I won’t give anything away but there are enough twists and turns to keep the most avid crime fan happy, the back stories just beginning to take form are fascinating and intriguing, the themes explored within the narrative are socially relevant to the world we inhabit and give you plenty to think about – whilst still keeping things highly entertaining and unexpected.

Overall this is a truly excellent start to what I believe will be a truly excellent series and one I shall stick with. DI Maya Rahman is indeed one to watch in 2018….and beyond.

Highly Recommended.

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