Ones to Watch in 2019. The Guilty Party Mel McGrath.

On a night out, four friends witness a stranger in trouble.

They decide to do nothing to help.

Later, a body washes up on the banks of the Thames – and the group realises that ignoring the woman has left blood on their hands.

But why did each of them refuse to step in? Why did none of them want to be noticed that night? Who is really responsible?

And is it possible that the victim was not really a stranger at all?

The Guilty Party is a twisted psychological thriller and tense character driven drama focusing on a group of four friends, who one night witness a brutal attack yet choose to do nothing. But what motivates their silence?

This is a devilishly clever novel in it’s construction as the history and toxic friendship, reliance and turning a blind eye that haunts this seemingly tight knit group starts coming to light. Mel McGrath plays beautifully with hindsight, memory and the ties that bind as one by one the true colours of each of the friends starts to emerge.

Secrets abound and at the core of this story sits those secrets we keep from ourselves- about how we hide from the truth to hold onto a belief in the status quo. How we forgive and often quite literally forget in order to hold onto people who may not be as they seem.

It is utterly addictive, hugely fascinating on a very human level as the group disintegrates into separate self interest and all the realities of that night emerge in shocking and unpredictable ways.

I was riveted. I had no idea where it would go and in the end it is melancholy and thought provoking, a true “what if ” narrative that will play on your mind.

The main question is- What would YOU do?

Are you sure?

Brilliant. Highly Recommended.

You can purchase The Guilty Party (HQ) Here.

Happy Reading!

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