Ones To Watch In 2021: Greenwich Park Katherine Faulkner.

When Helen, finally pregnant after years of tragedy, attends her first antenatal class, she is expecting her loving architect husband to arrive soon after, along with her confident, charming brother Rory and his pregnant wife, the effortlessly beautiful Serena. What she is not expecting is Rachel.

Extroverted, brash, unsettling single mother-to-be Rachel, who just wants to be Helen’s friend. Who just wants to get know Helen and her friends and her family. Who just wants to know everything about them. Every little secret…

Greenwich Park was definitely a reading obsession- I made a promise to myself this year that I was going to seek out the best psychological thrillers, only continuing them when I’m immediately hooked and when they have that certain feeling…well within 5 pages of this one you’d better believe I was in it for the duration.

Greenwich Park is a classic psychological thriller with a genuinely intriguing mystery element. It also has unreliable characters you love to hate to love and Katherine Faulkner keeps things unpredictable by keeping things tight and cohesive.

A small group dynamic, with switching viewpoints means you may make a lucky guess as to where things are going but to be sure you have to read every word – which isn’t a chore at ALL given that the writing is superb, the story compelling and the plotting cleverly done. People throw the term “page turner ” around a lot but in the case of Greenwich Park it is absolutely justified.

I loved it. Plus it had a most excellent finale so all in all the perfect psychological thriller package.

Highly recommended.

You can purchase Greenwich Park (Raven) Here.

Happy Reading!

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