Ones to watch in 2021. Missing Pieces Tim Weaver.

Rebekah Murphy knows too much. . .

She knows she’s alone on an abandoned island with a killer on her trail.
She knows that to get home to her children, she must survive long enough to understand why this is happening.
She knows someone tried to kill her for a secret.
What she doesn’t know is what that secret is . . .

Detective Frank Travis doesn’t know enough . . .

He doesn’t know where to find Louise Mason. He doesn’t know how and why she vanished into thin air three months ago. He doesn’t know the identity of the man last seen talking to her. Not yet.
But what he does know it that he’s a week away from retirement — and if he doesn’t find out where Louise went, no one will.

What neither Rebekah nor Detective Travis realise is that each holds a missing piece from the same puzzle — and it will cost them everything they love to finally solve it . . .

You know I thought I’d miss Raker, this being a standalone, but actually I didn’t give him a second thought..

Missing Pieces may be a standalone from Tim Weaver but it includes his writing super power – that of bringing emotional resonance to the fictional vanished – however in this novel we are seeing the point of view of a missing person- the intrepid, resourceful and utterly lost Rebekah, a character you will take to your heart within the first few pages.

Stranded, no hope of escape, wondering what has brought her to this moment, Rebekah struggles for survival on a remote island. The author brings the sense of isolation, the terror, the bleak landscape to vivid, stark life with his brilliant writing and the entire read is edge of the seat fantastic.

Meanwhile back in the world, a detective on the brink of retirement searches for another missing woman, he has 5 days and an instinctual determination to bring her home before he leaves- but as connections are made, the mystery deepens and time is running out…

Gosh I devoured this. Utterly addictive, moving between before and now, it is completely unpredictable throughout, you never know quite what will happen next. As all the missing pieces of the title start coming together to form a cohesive reality, the plotting is genius and the truth is stunning in its complexity.

Rebekah is the glue that holds the reader together, a layered, nuanced and completely realistic protagonist – the sheer joy of reading a woman in trouble who has no cliched issues and only realistically falters within her untenable position was the thing that puts missing pieces firmly in the running to be my book of the year. Yes even though its only January. Anyone who thinks men can’t write women should read Tim Weaver.

For anyone new this is a good shoe in to going back and reading the Raker series. For fans it is pitch perfect Weaver.

Absolutely highly recommended.

You can purchase Missing Pieces (Michael Joseph) Here.

Happy Reading!

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