Ones to watch in July: Such A Quiet Place Megan Miranda.

There was no warning that she would come back.

Welcome to Hollow’s Edge – a picture-perfect neighbourhood where everyone has each other’s backs. At least, that’s how it used to be, until the night Brandon and Fiona Truett were found dead…

Two years ago, branded a grifter, thief and sociopath by her friends and neighbours, Ruby Fletcher was convicted of murdering the Truetts. Now, freed by mistrial, Ruby has returned to Hollow’s Edge. But why would she come back? No one wants her there, least of all her old housemate, Harper Nash.

As Ruby’s return sends shockwaves through the community, terrified residents turn on each other, and it soon becomes clear that not everyone was honest about the night the Truetts died. When Harper begins to receive threatening, anonymous notes, she realizes she has to uncover the truth before someone else gets hurt… Someone like her.

I’m a huge fan of Megan Miranda ever since her debut, definitely one of my favourite psychological thriller writers, her novels encompassing every facet of human nature.

Such A Quiet Place has such a group dynamic, set in a small, close community of houses – where everyone knows everyone else and the shiny facade of friendship hides much darker secrets. Within this group a killer lurks and it could be any one of them.

I loved this- each character has hidden depths revealed slowly over the course of the novel. The mystery element is beautifully unpredictable, unraveling all the knots, or trying to, is highly addictive and as ever this is a right old page turner.

Intricately crafted Such A Quiet Place is a classic psychological thriller, paced perfectly and compelling from first page to last.

Highly recommended.

You can purchase Such A Quiet Place (Corvus) Here.

Happy Reading!

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