Perfect Match D B Thorne. Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: 5th April from Corvus

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When Solomon’s sister is found drugged and in a coma after an online date, Solomon can’t believe this was just a terrible accident. Determined to find out what happened to his sister, and with the police unwilling to help, Solomon begins to investigate on his own. He soon uncovers a rash of similar cases of women who have been found brutally murdered or assaulted after an online date.

There is a predator out there working the streets of London, preying on young women. Solomon sets out to bring him to justice, putting him on a collision course with a deadly killer who is fiendishly clever and more twisted than anyone could possibly imagine…

Loved this – Perfect Match from D B Thorne has a brilliant main protagonist in Solomon who I engaged with entirely. Pacy and addictive.

Sometimes a book lives and dies on it’s characters, Solomon is the one who kept me reading this twisted page turner as he is determined to find out what happened to his sister and whilst doing so uncovers a dastardly and so far unheard of killer. Interspersed with that we have Inspector Helen Fox who is supposedly investigating but far more interested in Solomon and Tiffany’s brother Luke and how she might advance her career by using his criminal connections.

The writing is witty and absorbing, the killer is intriguing in his methods and overall Perfect Match is a barnstormer of a story that will keep you up way into the early hours to see how it all pans out. I was fascinated and entertained by the familial relationship between the three siblings, the detective was world weary in a compelling way and there are plenty of unexpected moments to keep you on edge.

Perfect Match was a perfect storm of a novel – captivating, dark, often very funny and I hope actually that we meet Solomon again. A one sitting read and an excellent one at that.

Highly Recommended.

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