Pierce Brown at Waterstones Piccadilly..An event and a half.


Photo’s of Pierce by Sam Hoodless. Great friend and now official blog photographer. Follow her on Twitter HERE

So last night Sam and I hopped on a train to London to see Pierce Brown appear at his very first UK event with Dark Societies- it really was a superb evening, filled with laughter and, well frankly an awful lot of awe and respect for the man behind the Red Rising trilogy, who turned out to also be one of the nicest authors and human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting since I’ve been doing this.


We started off with a few questions from the interviewer with Dark Societies (and you have to forgive me because in all the excitement of the evening I completely failed to get her name but she was brilliant and hopefully when this post goes live somebody will be able to fill in that blank) in which Pierce talked about the inspiration behind the trilogy (with a nod to Plato amongst others, entirely intriguing, such an intelligent and knowledgeable guy who knows how to inform and fascinate), character development, the upcoming movies and more. He also managed to be extraordinarily funny and engaging – not sure I’ve laughed that much at any book event I’ve been to. Lets talk about a whole new world of swear words for a while – that was fun!


Then we opened up to questions from the audience, which took various forms, from the publishing journey to whether or not Pierce literally gets howled at (the answer to which he asked us not to put on Social Media but was so funny that I’m still giggling now when thinking back to it) When asked if Mustang was based on anyone he knew and if so, could they have her number he responded “No you cannot have my Mom’s number” which cracked up the room, thats one funny moment I can tell you about. He did expand on that answer and then took another from the same person – once again making the entire room fall for him further. I asked a question on popular characters (please don’t ask me to remember the exact question – the lovely Mr Brown thanked me for it afterwards and I just melted into a starry eyed mess so frankly, a lot of the evening is a blur)


The audience was engaged, the author was engaged, it was a great event that managed to feel really intimate – Pierce Brown is incredibly personable and genuinely gave full attention to everyone he spoke to, passionate about his storytelling, passionate about writing and that whole world.

I, of course  got some books signed (not Morning Star because hey I’m lucky enough to get to do this all again on Monday when I attend Hodder Towers for the blogger event and I will certainly be taking my beautiful copy of it there for signature) and I spoke to Pierce again briefly about one particular moment in the finale (no spoilers!) which had me distraught. He was lovely, I just may have fallen a *little* in love.


Sam did an incredible job on the pictures as I’m sure you will agree – Pierce also took the time to talk to her about that (she is now his newest stalker, her book is signed in brilliant fashion) – whilst Sam’s passion is photography rather than books, she is a sometime reader who is now determined to read this entire trilogy and that is the power of the man and speaks to the power of the night itself.


Sam here with Pierce, this picture taken by the lovely Fleur.

The Red Rising trilogy is, for me, the best trilogy that I’ve ever read. Taken in its entirety it is a magnum opus, an epic of vibrant, intense and beautiful writing, a complete powerhouse and unlikely to be beaten. Oh no..wait…turns out Mr Brown is embarking on a new trilogy – set 10 years after the events in Morning Star, the “Iron Gold” trilogy will touch on themes of a broken society trying to rebuild. So maybe in a few years I shall return from an event such as this one and say wait…the Red Rising trilogy is nothing compared to this. We’ll see. No pressure Pierce!


If you get a chance to hear this author speak  take it – whether you have read the books or not. If you have not read the books then do. I promise you it will not matter whether you are mostly a crime fan or mostly a romance fan or somebody who doesn’t look at anything in the Young Adult market. This trilogy is for any real reader a moment in the world of books to be treasured. Go treasure it!

Now the wait begins for Iron Gold. Because in the words of Sevro…

Shit Escalates….

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Happy Reading Folks! And to finish here is me. An unforgettable moment. #LoveRedRising









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