Publication Day Review: From the Shadows Neil White.

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The Lawyer

When defence lawyer Dan Grant inherits a murder case just weeks away from trial, he’s just expected to babysit it and take his fee. But Dan’s not that kind of lawyer. If he takes on a case then he investigates it his way – wherever the evidence takes him.

The Investigator

Jayne Brett is Dan’s investigator and a woman with a terrible secret in her past – one that still haunts her today. Needing the money, she takes on the task of investigating the case that Dan’s inherited. But has she taken on more than she can handle?

The Case

Mary Kendricks was a pretty, smart, twenty-four-year-old teacher. Now Mary Kendricks is dead and Robert Carter is in the dock, accused of her brutal murder.

But as Dan and Jayne investigate, they discover that perhaps there is more to this case than meets the eye – but in order to do their jobs they need to push the limits of the system, even if it means putting themselves in danger . .

Well it feels like its been a long time coming, a new Neil White book, which makes me grumpy but you know, you can’t have everything, like a book a week from the authors you love reading, From the Shadows was worth hanging around for because it is, as usual, damn good crime fiction.

The start of a new series here, a kind of mish mash of courtroom drama and crime thriller that is often edge of the seat clinging by the fingernails good all that interspersed with tense and authentic courtroom scenes. Plus great characters. Easily a one sitting read, the plot is dynamic and multi-layered, the relationship between Dan and Jayne is edgy and fascinating and the mystery elements are cleverly woven and definitely twisted. I do love the unpredictable stuff.

Bit creepy too. I mean genuinely look over your shoulder wonder who’s behind you creepy. Possibly don’t read this last thing at night if you are in the house all alone. Reminder to self for the next book.

I’ve long been a fan of Mr White which will come as no surprise to anybody, From The Shadows just confirms everything I’ve always said and then some. With the start of the Dan Grant series he truly is playing to his strengths, the fact that he is a Criminal Prosecutor in his other life shows here with the realistic legal layer.  If you thought UK law was rather dry and dull in comparison to the more shout out US stuff then think again. As Dan takes on the system it is ever compelling and truly absorbing, never unbelievable and just added so much to storytelling, highly readable drama.

With an ending that will have you holding your breath and a twisted, often surprising path to get you there From The Shadows is utterly gripping and highly inventive – top notch crime fiction at its appealing, page turning, captivating best. Loved it. More please. Dan and Jayne are characters to watch.

Highly Recommended.

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