Review catch up: Who Killed Ruby Camilla Way.

If you passed it on the street, you’d see an ordinary London townhouse. You might wonder about the people who live there, assume they’re just like you.

But inside a family is trapped in a nightmare. In the kitchen, a man lies dead on the blood-soaked floor. Soon the police will come, and they’ll want answers.

Perhaps they’ll believe the family’s version of events – that this man is a murderer who deserved to die.

But would that be the truth?

I am a fan of Camilla Way’s twisty unpredictable psychological thrillers which always also have a central moral message and are always peppered with highly readable and engaging characters.

Who Killed Ruby is no different, it is a beautifully plotted mystery with an engaging and haunted main protagonist that has some terrific writing and a tense atmosphere.

Sometimes danger lurks where you don’t expect it, in hindsight actions seem either more or less sinister, in this case there are many secrets bubbling under the surface of a devastating loss and the tale twists and turns towards one of this authors now trademark emotional reveals…

Excellent. Psychological thriller with thought provoking layers. Bring on the next.


You can purchase Who Killed Ruby (Harper Collins) Here.

Happy Reading!

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