Sleepless nights, Caffeine fuelled days…and books.

So, that rather wonderful author Mr Tim Weaver had a sleepless night last night…Twitter keeps us informed of all this important stuff, and it inspired me to think about my recent sleeping habits. Mostly they involve not doing much sleeping. The odd doze here and there. Sometimes even two whole hours at a time. But generally my life seems to have settled down into sleepless nights, caffeine fuelled days and, well, books. Lots and lots of books. Good books, which you can read about in various places on this very site…bad books that go sailing out of the window..and vaguely indifferent books that take the edge off but don’t really go anywhere.  Everyone who suffers insomnia has their own way of getting through those darkest hours just before dawn, my thing at the moment is to indulge in a few pages of a few books that are on my waiting list to see which ones inspire me to keep going. And then you wonderful readers of my blog get to see which ones are worth your my humble opinion. Since starting this website I have been offered so many wonderful opportunities to read books that perhaps would not even have entered my world and for that I am grateful. At 2am, when the sleep just won’t come, a book can, in my case did, save your life. Anyone who follows my random blatherings will know by now the impact that “The Humans” by Matt Haig had on my life and outlook – but other books have contributed, supported and saved me a little bit at a time. At some point in the future you will find on here a review and thoughts about “The Book of Lost Things” by John Connolly. A fairytale of sorts, this was perhaps the first that started me back on the road to recovery – at the time I couldnt vocalise how the reading was making me live not die, it wasnt until Mr Haigs wonderful book that it started to come into focus. But watch this space – The Book of Lost Things is stunning. And will touch your heart. Of course, a book doesnt have to speak literally to your soul as these two did in order to make life fun. After all, what else is a good book for but to entertain you, make you think, perhaps even engage your brain in a little bit of the old “beat the author” game…I’ve read some stunning novels lately – What Lots Wife Saw was heart stoppingly good, as was The 5th Wave and currently, The Unquiet Dead by Steven Dunne has me desperately trying to decide whether I’m right about the solution or if he’s leading me down the proverbial garden path. Again, you will be able to read about that one soon. So, pick up a book. Any book. For whatever reason. And keep your heart happy.


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