Songs By Dead Girls Lesley Kelly. Blog Tour Review.

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When Scotland’s leading virologist goes missing, Mona and Paterson from the Health Enforcement Team are dispatched to London to find him. In a hot and unwelcoming city, Mona has to deal with a boss who isn’t speaking to her, placate the Professor’s over-bearing assistant, and outwit the people who will stop at nothing to make sure the academic stays lost. Meanwhile, back in Edinburgh, Bernard is searching for a missing prostitute, while Maitland is trying to keep the Chair of the Parliamentary Virus Committee from finding out quite how untidy the HET office is.

I hadn’t read the first book in this series, something I will rectify, as “Songs By Dead Girls” was an energetic and entertaining read with some cracking dialogue and brilliantly divisive characters.

The Health Enforcement Team, set up after a virus ravaged Britain, is supposed to look out for those avoiding testing – all privileges and social structure works around how healthy you are – so when the top virologist goes missing shortly before he is due to have his regular check up, there is a scramble to track him down. Difficult for Mona and co in this case as it is a secret mission which leads to some interesting events…

This novel is pacy and considered, with an extremely intriguing premise and executed with flair and attention to detail in both character and world building. It fairly rocks along, is randomly very hilarious especially considering the dark subject matter and it is an extremely addictive read that I devoured in short order.

It’s lovely to find something a bit different, a dystopian crime thriller – where your monthly check up defines your whole existence and there’s no missing that appointment. The duo of Mona and Paterson is a dynamic one, loved them, loved this and I’ve found a new series to follow along with.


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