Star Of The North D. B. John Blog Tour Review

Publication Date: 3rd May from Vintage

Source: Review Copy

North Korea and the USA are on the brink of war 

A young American woman disappears without trace from a South Korean island.

The CIA recruits her twin sister to uncover the truth.

Now, she must go undercover in the world’s most deadly state. 

Only by infiltrating the dark heart of the terrifying regime will she be able to save her sister…and herself.

Extremely timely, authentic and really quite scary thriller with the unusual North Korean setting and some honest home truths about that regime that are utterly chilling, Star of the North is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long while.

I read open mouthed at some of the twists and turns in this one, only realising at the end (where the author handily tells us what is real and what is imagined in the scenario’s playing out but don’t read that until afterwards) just how truly strange North Korea is as a country in comparison to the rest of the world, not just the “West” or the United States but incomparable to anywhere…

We follow for the most part 3 characters, whose threads ultimately link together, this is a right old page turner make no mistake and you’ll find yourself reading huge chunks of it at a time. Star of the North is a politically relevant, brilliantly written and incisive thriller that will make you want to learn a lot more…

The sense of place is genuinely absorbing, it is a shivery and all consuming reading experience that digs deep into the darker side of humanity and also shows the resilience of it. The author writes with a sharp, incisive edge, authentic characters and a truly memorable plot that will stay with you long after finishing the read.

An honestly clever, vivid and intense thriller that will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Highly Recommended.

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