Stressed out? On Edge?

…I have a perfect solution. Reading as Therapy.

Is this you?


That used to be me a lot, still is sometimes. But ever since I can remember, a good book has relieved the pressure in life, allowed me to escape to another world if only for a while and has at every low point in my life managed to save me from myself. Until recently I had not really considered reading as therapy but I believe it can work for a lot of people whether they are currently avid readers or not..

Can it work for you?

Yes. All you need to do to start is buy a book. Or borrow one. Let the cover art guide you, pick up one that catches your eye, read some blurbs, wander your local bookshop or library to your hearts content until something pops out at you. This in itself you will find strangely relaxing…

Start by deciding what you need to give you a boost. Mundane job getting you down? You need a terrific fantasy novel. Tired, over emotional new parent? Try a humerous novel about other new parents. Lucy Lawrie’s “Tiny Acts Of Love” for example will make you realise you are not alone and will also make you laugh even at your lowest moment.

There is always a book that can take you somewhere you need to go.  You can find ANY escape in a book – another world entirely, or our world, stories about people like you and unlike you..Humour, Education, Magic, Mystery, Excitement, Adventure..ALL to be had within the pages of a book. There is a reason that storytelling is an ancient art after all.




Sometimes a book can save your life. Those of you who follow my posts here on the blog and on Twitter will be aware that it happened to me. Matt Haig’s “The Humans” was a book I read over one dark night of my soul which left me wanting to live. And eat peanut butter of course. Plus now I want a dog. And all this when only a few hours previously I had wondered if life was worth living…




All you need is to pick the right book for you, find a space and do this….

index                         Or this….




You don’t need a lot of time. A few pages, a few chapters, will take you out of yourself and give your psyche a chance to take a breath. At the end of a long day, make yourself a cup of tea (or a stiff drink!) find a comfortable spot, and lose yourself in the pages of a novel. Any novel. I promise it will make a huge difference and give you something to look forward to at the end of the next stressful day…after all, you will need to know what happens in that other world.

Thank you for reading my thoughts for the day! If you would like to know more about “The Humans” please follow the link…


Or about “Tiny Acts of Love”…..


But the choice of reading material is, as ever, yours. Pick a good one!


Happy Reading Folks!




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