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In the dead of winter Homicide Detective Alice Madison is sent to the remote town of Ludlow, Washington, to investigate an unspeakable crime.

Together with her partner Detective Sergeant Kevin Brown and crime scene investigator Amy Sorensen, Madison must first understand the killer’s motives…but the dark mountains that surround Ludlow know how to keep their secrets and that the human heart is wilder than any beast’s.

As the killer strikes again Madison and her team are under siege. And as they become targets Madison realises that in the freezing woods around the pretty town a cunning evil has been waiting for her.

The Alice Madison series is fast becoming one of my favourites – mostly it has to be said because of the character dynamics, I’m a fan of Madison/Brown/Sorensen and look forward to moving back in with them for a while.

Sweet After Death finds them heading to a small town that has lost its Doctor to an unspeakable act. Sent to help out the local police sort out the mess, they find themselves caught up in an act of violence that may not be as isolated as it appears.

I was especially taken with the setting for this one – Valentina Giambanco creates a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere around our crew as they get to work – moving them very much out of their comfort zone which keeps this intriguing and edgy. We learn a lot more about Alice whilst she is away from home and the mountainous wilderness closes in around her.

The path to the ultimate resolution is compelling and unpredictable, the supporting cast of characters all well drawn and fascinating especially Samuel. Sweet After Death is a novel you sink into. somewhat nervously making your way around Ludlow and waiting to see what will happen with a real sense of hanging onto the edge. Overall completely riveting.

Definitely a series to watch. Really very excellent indeed.


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