The Ash Doll James Hazel – Blog Tour (re) Review.

Publication Date 20th September from Bonnier.

Source: Review Copy.

What starts out like any other major libel trial for prolific lawyer Charlie Priest turns into a legal train wreck when the defence’s star witness turns up murdered. While the defence stalls for time, Priest is determined to find out who is responsible, but as the bodies begin to pile up, Priest realises that he’s caught in a web of deceit and corruption that protects a deadly secret: one that threatens to tear him and those he loves apart.

Another brilliant Charlie Priest novel from James Hazel. Such an engaging compelling main character and group dynamic. Loved it. Creepy too and quite emotional.

It’s quite a dark book in a lot of ways but offset that with the lighter moments mostly involving the indomitable Georgie Someday, as well as Charlie’s sister and we must not forget the fish, means we have  an absolutely compelling and intricately woven story that is highly addictive.

Charlie and his particular issues are utterly engaging and unusual enough to stand out within the genre. The mystery elements are dark and unsettling with a huge dose of unpredictability that keeps you turning those pages until the final resolution.

I loved The Mayfly and I also loved this, it’s just the type of crime fiction that keeps me hooked on the books. Beautifully written, indelibly fascinating, bring on more Charlie Priest novels is what I say.

Highly recommended.

You can order The Ash Doll here.

Happy Reading!


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