The Chalk Pit – Elly Griffiths. Blog Tour Review.

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Boiled human bones have been found in Norwich’s web of underground tunnels. When Dr Ruth Galloway discovers they are recent – the boiling not the medieval curiosity she thought – DCI Nelson has a murder enquiry on his hands.

Meanwhile, DS Judy Johnson is investigating the disappearance of a local rough sleeper. The only trace of her is the rumour that she’s gone ‘underground’. This might be a figure of speech, but with the discovery of the bones and the rumours both Ruth and the police have heard of a vast network of old chalk-mining tunnels under King’s Lynn, home to a vast community of rough sleepers, the clues point in only one direction. Local academic Martin Kellerman knows all about the tunnels and their history – but can his assertions of cannibalism and ritual killing possibly be true?

As the weather gets hotter, tensions rise. A local woman goes missing and the police are under attack. Ruth and Nelson must unravel the dark secrets of The Underground and discover just what gruesome secrets lurk at its heart – before it claims another victim.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Ruth Galloway novels so it was a treat to be sure to receive a copy of The Chalk Pit for review and it did not disappoint. Also, caused me to randomly shiver at inopportune moments.

This novel has many layers as ever, a homeless community that may have taken refuge underground, the “Chalk Pit” of the title, some go missing and Ruth Galloway finds that the bones she has been asked to assess may not be so ancient after all. Cue the usual brilliant forensic insight that peppers the whole series, combined with those intriguing and utterly compelling mystery elements, some familiar and unfamiliar characters and basically you are good to go.

I read this in two sittings, they never stay on the currently reading pile for long, so fascinating especially the science which is written in very accessible terms and the character dynamics as built up over the course of the novels always make you really keen for the next in the series. One of my favourites to be sure and long may it continue.

As a main protagonist, Ruth Galloway is endlessly engaging, anchoring each story and keeping you right in the action. No change here – she is what keeps me coming back for more.

Excellent writing, excellent plotting, some utterly riveting detail and always a banging good story means this whole series comes highly recommended by me.


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