The Darkest Day by Tom Wood. Darkly Delicious.


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He is darkness. She wants him dead.
In a city starved of light, she might just succeed.

She moves like a shadow; she kills silently: Raven. This elegant assassin has been on the run for years. This time though, she has picked the wrong target.

The hitman known only as ‘Victor’ is as paranoid as he is merciless, and is no stranger to being hunted. He tracks his would-be killer across the globe to, aiming not only to neutralise the threat, but to discover who wants him dead. The trail leads to New York…

And then the lights go out.

I’m a big fan of Tom Wood’s “Victor” books and a big fan of the character – they are incredibly well written to just suck you into the reading vortex and kick the adrenalin into high gear, then before you know it BAM you feel like you’ve just been through the wringer. Its exhausting but hugely satisfying.

In this instalment someone is after Victor – not *usually* the best plan if you like staying alive, but in this case that someone is Raven, who is not without skill herself. It’s possible that Victor has met his match, its certainly possible he has a real rival for my affections – I loved Raven so much I almost wanted her to win. Almost….

This particular cat and mouse game takes place over hours in a city deprived of light and descending into chaos, where chaos reigns Victor is almost always at his best….one of the main reasons I’m a fan of these stories is that Victor is not one for being a cliche – he is unrelentingly tough and doesn’t really do feelings, pragmatic and with his eye always firmly on the goal, the sense of the character that Tom Wood creates is enduringly fascinating.

If you are looking for thrillers that actually thrill and don’t get too caught up in their own importance then this series is definitely for you. Always intelligently plotted to deliver a rollercoaster ride of a reading experience, with endlessly intriguing characters and a tendency to make me bite my nails, I have no hesitation in giving The Darkest Day and the previous tales a “Highly Recommended” tag.

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