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On a hot summer’s morning in Rome, three public places — a McDonald’s, a preschool, and a café — come under siege from a group of terrorists who appear to be Islamic extremists. When word comes through that the terrorists will only negotiate with Detective Leone Scamarcio, no one is more surprised than Scamarcio himself.

The young man with frightened eyes who speaks to Scamarcio seems anything but in control. He says that Scamarcio is the only person he can trust to care about the truth. Then he gives Scamarcio an unusual list of demands, including that everything must be done without police or intelligence involvement, and within twenty-four hours — or the hostages die.

With his face on every TV screen, and with all of Italy on alert, Scamarcio must race against the clock and elude the grasp of the increasingly unhinged chief of intelligence, Colonel Scalisi, to meet the terrorists’ demands, and to uncover the truth behind the attacks. But, as Scamarcio follows the young man’s clues, he finds that every question seems to turn up five more, and, as usual for this son-of-a-Mafioso policeman, nothing is as it seems.

Pacy and addictive, The Extremist is another great addition to this series featuring Scamarcio, the detective with dark connections…

I love the way Nadia Dulbuono twists a thriller plot to give an edgy, intelligent read that keeps you immersed throughout – no time more so than this time – I was gripped right from the explosive start and the Italian setting is brought to vivid life around the action and events ongoing.

This was a race against time story, with Scamarcio trying to stay one step ahead of everyone in order to fulfill a terrorist demand and end a siege – there are many unexpected turns in the story and once again it is an addictive page turner with intriguing and fascinating themes – I read it in pretty much one sitting.

As a series this is excellent – whilst you don’t need to read in order, each stands as it’s own thing, I would recommend going from the start and following the arc – Scamarcio is a uniquely engaging character and is terrific to follow along with.

Utterly gripping and cleverly plotted. Recommended.


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