The Good Friend Jo Baldwin. Blog tour review.

Once upon a time they were best friends. They were all friends. So when Jenny moved to Australia to focus on her swimming career, she not only lost Kath, but her soul-mate Tom. It was for the best. Or so they said. Now, eight years later, Jenny seeks out her childhood friend and heads to rural France where Kath has settled. At first the women fall back into a close relationship, but before long strange and malicious behaviour leads Jenny to realise the truth: that Kath has played a clever game all along to manipulate and control those around her. And Jenny is her biggest victim.

The Good Friend is a slow burner of a novel, a friendship drama with some fascinating characters in the two friends Jenny and Cath, as a toxic relationship is compellingly uncovered.

The author brings you in with an almost gentle depth, allowing you to first see surface then uncovering more and more layers to both these women. This one is definitely character driven rather than full of twists, those come through the peeling back of assumed reality and the dawning realisation that all is wrong that once seemed so right.

Clever and considered. Recommended for fans of books about human hidden secrets.

You can purchase The Good Friend (Red Door) Here.

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