The Innocent Ones Neil White. Blog tour review.

Three lives cut short. Two decades of silence. One evil secret.

By day, the park rings with the sound of children’s excited laughter. But in the early hours of the morning, the isolated playground is cloaked in shadows – the perfect hiding place to conceal a brutal murder. 

When London journalist, Mark Roberts, is found battered to death, the police quickly arrest petty thief, Nick Connor. Criminal defence lawyer, Dan Grant, along with investigator Jayne Brett, are called to represent him – but with bloody footprints and a stolen wallet linking him to the scene, this is one case they’re unlikely to win. 

Until help comes from an unlikely source…when the murder victim’s mother says that Connor is innocent, begging Dan and Jayne to find the real perpetrator. 

I love a good legal series but there aren’t that many set in the UK that are engaging in the way that this series has been- always page turners of the highest order, so much so that the last one killed me…

Now we come to another case for Dan and Jane, this one is dark and twisty as you like, with thought provoking undertones and danger around every corner…The Innocent Ones is a one sitting up all night read.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Neil White’s from his very first novel right up to this one here…there’s a reason for that, this is quality writing and quality storytelling.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase The Innocent Ones (Hera) here.

Happy Reading!

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