The Little Old Lady who Struck Lucky Again – Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg


Publication Date: Available Now from Pan Macmillan.

Source: Publisher Review Copy.

The little old lady is back! This time, Martha Andersson and her friends – the League of Pensioners – have left behind their dreary care home in Stockholm and are enjoying the bright lights of Las Vegas.
This is their opportunity for a new lease of life and they plan to make the most of it. But before long, they are up to their old tricks and with ingenious tactics, a pair of false teeth and a wheelchair each, they plot to outwit the security system at one of the casinos.

So we last met the little old lady, also known as Martha Anderson, when she was breaking all the rules and forming the league of pensioners. That was a terrifically fun and hilarious read and luckily this one was the same.

This time all our friends are in Las Vegas – where they are soon caught up in a hugely hilarious amount of criminal activity.

This was such a great uplifting read –   if you can imagine the Ocean Eleven gang all in their 70’s and 80’s planning all sorts of shenanigans, you’ve probably got this one down pat. Beautifully hilarious at times, with a really good heart to it, I loved Martha even more in this one than the last, her character really grew for me. I think possibly I enjoyed the first one a LITTLE more simply because it was such a new idea, rampaging pensioners refusing to sit in a corner and knit – but still, it is a rip rollicking adventure and I am definitely planning to become a master criminal when I hit 65. I mean why not?

One group of lively pensioners versus a criminal gang made for all sorts of laugh out loud moments, the great writing and storytelling of the first novel is very much still right there, there are some side stories and little bits and bobs that REALLY brightened my day at times and overall you won’t find much better if you are looking for a funny, heartwarming read. From someone who spends most of their reading time with serial killers and psychotic women, this was a breath of fresh air and a little bit of a wonderful reading holiday. So glad there is going to be a third book!

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