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The brutal murder of wealthy spinster Miss Jean Milne a hundred years ago shocked the country to its core. But for a century, the case has gone unsolved. Why was she tied up, tortured and brutally murdered? And who could have committed such a heinous crime?

To all appearances, Miss Jean Milne was the model of respectability, living a quiet life alone in her seaside mansion. But behind the façade, she had a secret life, her frequent trips to London masking a very different lifestyle. Now, using newly released evidence from police files and eyewitness testimony hidden for a century, Andrew Nicoll has brought the case back from the dead to reveal what really happened.

It’s a shocking tale of class division, money, sex, lies, betrayal and murder. And, at last, after a hundred years, the curious death of Miss Jean Milne may finally have found a solution.

Based on a true unsolved murder this is a brilliantly insightful fictional account of, well, as it says – the life and death of Jean Milne.

Using the police reports and various information available, Andrew Nicholl weaves a highly compelling and absolutely addictively written tale of hidden secrets, small town intricacies and a truly horrific murder.

They do say that truth is stranger than fiction and this case I think bears that out – Jean Milne, to all intents and purposes, was a highly respectable lady living a highly respectable, if quiet, life. But as the police begin to dig beneath the surface it becomes apparent that there was  lot more to her than that…

Andrew Nicholl writes with a sharp, meticulous style that keeps you embedded into the story – one of those books that keeps you thinking about it every time you are away from it, that gives your brain a workout whilst being highly entertaining. He brings the characters and the setting to absolute life, the personalities and the attitudes, it is all beautifully done.

There is a great twist in the tale – whether or not the case is now solved to all intents and purposes you’ll have to decide for yourself, but I was intrigued by the ending that the author applied. The whole novel is intensely fascinating, atmospheric and basically a darned good read.

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2 Responses to The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne – Blog Tour

  1. Jen La Duca says:

    Thank you for another amazing review for a book I now MUST add to my TBR list!! I’ve decided I need to just steal your TBR list so that I can copy down your books & add them to mine Lol I follow you on Goodreads as well as here on your blog via email and I love reading all of your reviews, you’ve never steered me wrong so thank you 🙂

  2. komal says:

    Whoa, this book is definitely going to be added to my ‘to-buy’ list. Such a catchy title and cover!

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