The Sixth Window – Quickfire Q and A with Rachel Abbott.

Today to celebrate the release of her latest novel, The Sixth Window, I have a bit of an interview with the lovely Rachel Abbott.

If I had to go back in time and choose another career…

I’d be a psychiatrist. Writing psychological thrillers has made me think a lot about how people’s minds work, and to be able to understand that even better would be wonderful.

My guilty pleasure…

Chocolate gingers. I can eat a whole packet in one sitting!

The book (by another author) that I wish I had written…

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. A whole book without knowing the protagonist’s name! And somehow thinking that a murderer had done a good thing!

The one piece of advice I would give my teenage self…

Never go on a stupid diet when you absolutely don’t need to.

If I had to choose between appearing on Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor…

It would have to be X Factor – I love to sing and I’m a rubbish dancer. I’d be stretching the Overs group on X Factor somewhat, though!

My favourite city in the world…

Venice. An easy answer. I love everything about it.

If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life it would be….

Curry. A real, authentic, Indian curry – probably a chicken one with the special lemons they have there. Hot, but not burn your throat hot.

Favourite book to read again and again and again….

Gone with the Wind – the characters are all so amazing and so vivid. It may not technically be up there with the greats, but I love it.

What would be your specialist subject be on Mastermind?

Food and drink, I suspect. I love to cook (and eat) – hence the remark about diets above!

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

I would love it to be Julie Walters. I think she’s capable of laughing at herself as much as making other people laugh. It would be great to say Helen Mirren, but sadly I’m not that glamourous.

Favourite current TV show?

I’m cheating a bit here, because it’s not on right now – but Masterchef Australia. Not any of the other Masterchefs – just this one. You can probably see a bit of a theme here! I look forward to it each year – far more so than most TV dramas (although I can’t wait for more Happy Valley).

My most memorable meal…

There are SO many to choose from. Probably a meal at a restaurant called Uliassi in Senigallia, Italy. The chef is unbelievably talented, and on a terrace overlooking the beach we were served the Menu Degustazione – about eleven tiny courses of sublime food.

The best thing about being a writer…

Being able to invent characters, each of whom I understand completely (probably more than most people I know) and allowing them to do their best, or their worst.

About the book: 


After eighteen months of grieving for her husband Bernie, killed in a horrific hit and run accident, Natalie Gray has found love with her husband’s best friend – Ed Cooper – and has moved herself and fifteen-year-old daughter, Scarlett, into his home. But Natalie begins to suspect Ed has a dark side – and even darker intentions.

Desperate to get her daughter to a place of safety, she and Scarlett move to a new home that holds secrets of its own. But has removing Scarlett from one potential threat placed her in far greater danger?

DCI Tom Douglas is also chasing the truth, as his investigation into the suicide of a teenage girl draws him ever closer to Natalie and Scarlett. But will he be too late to protect them from the peril they face, or from the truths that will tear their lives apart.

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