The Spell of the Horse. Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: 18th Sept from Blackbird Digital

The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy and spirit is way beyond what most of the human world realises. A must-read for those wishing to understand the spiritual connection between horses and humans.

When Pam’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she began to notice the way her horse responded to her emotional turmoil. Thus began an exploration into the spiritual relationship between horses and humans and their infinite capacity to help us heal. Building on her remarkable discoveries, Pam began her pioneering work as a horse-led coach and therapist. By sharing her own path to redemption through personal tragedy, and other stories of healing inspired by the incredible interactions she has observed between horse and human, Pam puts forward her uplifting insights about the true nature of the horse, setting out some simple principles to help the reader transcend life’s challenges. 

So a little bit of a departure for me today – I’ve been trying to read more non fiction, so I was pleased to be part of the blog tour for The Spell of the Horse  – It is a well written memoir which has a lot of elements of  self help, focusing on the emotional relationship between Horses and Humans – how they sense our turmoil and how we can learn a lot about how to handle our emotional state. How the author came to discover this during a horrible time and built on that to help others.

Now I used to be around horses a lot when I was younger but fell out of that as I grew up – so it was an interesting read for me as someone who would not really have any insight. Pam Billinge writes with a wonderful beauty, I found myself entirely fascinated at the way her feelings impacted on the behaviour of her horse – her descriptive sense of her own emotions during a time of grief and loss created a palpable sense of melancholy – with ultimately uplifting resonance.

I think for anyone who is suffering emotional turmoil this would be a useful read, it is said that taking care of an animal is good for sufferers of anxiety, this kind of ties into that but with a lot more depth and of course focusing on horses as the spiritual healers. Overall a very very interesting read.

Recommended if you are a fan of self help memoirs and stories about overcoming life’s curveballs, especially if you are already a lover of horses.


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