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he new thrilling sci-fi novel from the author of New Pompeii and Empire of Time

In a future London, humans are watched over by AIs and served by bots. But now that justice and jobs are meted out by algorithm, inequality blooms, and protest is brutally silenced. 
Anna Glover may be the most hated woman in the troubled city the media s scapegoat for an unpopular war. Now she hides from the public eye, investigating neglected cases by using the mind-invading technology of the synapse sequencer to enter witnesses memories. When a PI brings her a new high-stakes case, Anna sees a chance for atonement. But soon she is drawn into a plot that threatens to upend her hard-won anonymity and put everyone in danger even those she hopes to save.


The Synapse Sequence is an excellent scifi/speculative thriller that’s left me pondering over it’s ending for quite a while.


The premise was highly intriguing, entering people’s memories in a kind of virtual reality immersion and picking up on things they’ve missed in order to solve crime. Anna has a dark past that has set her at odds with society- working on this experimental project is a chance for redemption but it is dangerous and the long term affects are unknown.


This was a wonderful blend of mystery and science and is beautifully plotted with a genuine sense of unease that invades your head as you read. It is one of those very surreal narratives where things are not always as they seem, Daniel Godfrey eases in some clever twists and turns then leaves you with a thought provoking ending.


The speculative elements are intelligently immersed into the wider plot and feel very prescient, along with that we have some layered and engaging characters and an addictive way of telling the story.

I loved this one. Different and fascinating, it was a really terrific read.


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