Publication Date: Available now.

Source: Purchased copy

Someone has taken a shot at the president of France in the City of Light. The bullet was American. The distance between the gunman and the target was exceptional. How many snipers can shoot from three-quarters of a mile with total confidence? Very few, but John Kott—an American marksman gone bad—is one of them. And after fifteen years in prison, he’s out, unaccounted for, and likely drawing a bead on a G8 summit packed with enough world leaders to tempt any assassin.

If anyone can stop Kott, it’s the man who beat him before: Reacher.

More Jack Reacher then and I enjoyed this one more than the last (not as much as the early ones) but it was very good. They always are. No messing around here, Jack Reacher is Jack Reacher and that is kind of comforting.

Don’t expect any surprises there are not any. The thing I mostly enjoy about these when I think about it is the fact that they are easy, predictable, do exactly what you expect them to do and are perfect reading when you don’t want to have to think too much but want to be entertained. Jack Reacher is highly entertaining. He was here.

The story is good, flows out in its usual indomitable style, Jack pops into some lives, gets rid of some bad guys, puts the good guys back on track, doesnt stand for nonsense and, well, buys a toothbrush. And some new clothes. Considering how simple it sounds (and in a lot of ways it is) I was enthralled as ever.

These are good readable books of the type that don’t make promises they can’t keep and the success of the series does not surprise me one bit and is absolutely deserved. Lee Child may never write War and Peace but he will be read forever I have no doubt.

Recommended for thriller fans.

You can purchase Personal here



Publication Date: Available Now.

Source: Review copy

‘What makes an innocent girl become a contract killer?

Harm is a really excellent thriller from the pen of Hugh Fraser – Better known as Captain Hastings in ITV’s Poirot -but about to be known for something quite different if this is anything to go by.

We meet Rina – she is a paid assassin – told over two timelines, one while she is “on a job” in the 70’s and where everything that can go wrong is going wrong and also in flashback to the 50’s showing us her path and what has led her to where she is today.

It’s an intuitive bit of writing when it comes to character development – seeing how Rina was, what she went through, how she lived – all leading up to what she is doing now, running from drug dealers and generally getting into trouble. She’s kick ass though so is likely to get out of it – hence the “thriller” aspect of the whole thing.

The real intrigue of this one though is in the human interaction and the examination of why we do the things we do. Rina as a youngster growing up had litte choice in the matter – living in poverty, with danger on the streets from lowlife criminals and even danger in her own home – some of it is really emotive stuff. But then even so its a bit of a jump from tough girl to killer and the hows and whys of that make for a great if often sad story.

In the “present” timeline there is a lot of action, a fair few edge of seat moments (which are not exactly missing in the past either) and a rollicking good adventure. Violence yes (Although you know you are going to love Rina when, upon awakening to find a severed head on her pillow does not immediately scream like a girl or even have a rabbit in the headlights moment) but also a lot of depth of plot and a growing understanding of just how Rina can do what she does and do it all with barely a flicker.

A really most excellent read – the ending was kind of abrupt for me but to be fair the story had been told and there may not have been a way within the narrative scope to even that ending up – still I hope that Rina returns. Ooh look. Rina Returns. I’ve come up with a title. Not a very good one granted – but as long as we get to see this character again I’m going to read it no matter what the title.

Good stuff.

Happy Reading Folks!


Publication Date: August 4th from Oceanview Publishing.

Source: Netgalley

Though they seem to have everything, Hannah Parks has watched her husband, Dallin, become increasingly distant. Her hope is buoyed when the couple decides to start a family, but what Dallin reveals in his sleep one night rocks Hannah to her core. As she starts to investigate a much darker side of Dallin than she ever knew existed, Hannah peels away the layers of a diseased relationship closely tied to her own abusive past.

The Comfort of Black is a fast paced, very addictive thriller that packs quite a punch – it also manages to incorporate a fascinating character study when it comes to main protagonist Hannah – a woman whose past truly haunts her.

Hannah is seemingly happily married. They are wealthy, live a good life and despite Hannah’s propensity to hit the bottle all seems mostly well. Then a sleepy muttering and a disturbing video turn Hannah’s cosy world upside down and she begins to wonder if she ever really knew the man she married..

I thoroughly enjoyed this one – there is a little bit of an unlikely streak when it comes to some of the very comprehensive and well written twists and turns – but in a way that all adds to the overall feel of the story being told as Hannah hits a brick wall of sinister revelations that make her run for her life.

I do think this is perhaps the most appropriately titled novel I have read for a while – in that the author brings the title into the narrative in a sublimely clever way in several plot strands. There is a beautiful exploratary depth to the unfolding drama that hides just beneath the surface of the action packed portions – one of those character driven tales that manages to thrill and make you shiver whilst exploring realistic themes of nature v nurture and the inner strengths that can surface within us when faced with adversity.

The plot fairly crackles along – it is paced pretty perfectly with some wow moments placed in harmony with the rest of the shenanigans, the character dialogue is fast and occasionally ironically humerous and all in all I would definitely recommend this one for fans of action and psychological thrillers alike.

Happy Reading Folks!

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Publication Date: Available Now.

Source: Purchased Copy

“It was a kidnapping, but in all the wrong ways. No ransom, no demands; there was nothing they wanted–other than to observe.”

When Blake Crochet and his family are taken hostage in their own home, they are forced to act out their everyday lives under the observance of two psychotic kidnappers. Each moment Blake must pit the decision to follow their captors’ rules against the potential catastrophe of a failed escape.

Housebroken is a horrifyingly excellent fast paced thriller, dealing with a uniquely styled home invasion and with tension that never lets up.

Gripping from the very first page, it is relentless in it’s descriptive prose and utterly engaging – with a nop notch “bad guy” some elements of family drama and a seriously evil ironic edge to the writing style. I was completely enthralled from beginning to end. I literally couldn’t look away.

Yes there is a high level of violence here – if you are senstive to that kind of thing then be prepared – but at no point is it gratuitious or overly unlikely, if anything it adds to the huge amount of tension the author builds slowly into the plot, making this an uncompromising read where anything could happen. The sense that this one may not have a happy ending is there from the start which make it all the more of a page turner.

One thing that makes Housebroken a favourite for me is the psychological depth the author brings to the characters – especially Adam who COMPLETELY fascinated me – and the emotionally charged atmosphere captured within the narrative. The best thrillers are the ones that can walk the line between character development and thrilling events without compromising either – something that this author has managed very well.

It is slightly insane as things move towards the finale – and the ending itself is superbly crafted – I almost wish there would be a sequel. Oh what am I saying I’d LOVE a sequel, but as a single, beautifully created standalone thrill ride Housebroken is pretty perfect.

Highly Recommended for fans of thrillers with bite.

Happy Reading Folks!




Publication Date: 19th March 2015 from Harvill Secker

Source: Publisher Review Copy

Gallio does counter-insurgency. But the theft of a body he’s supposed to be guarding ruins his career. Bizarre rumours of the walking dead are swirling, there is panic in the air, and it’s his job to straighten out the conspiracy. He blows the case.
Years later, the file is reopened when a second body appears. Gallio is called back by headquarters and ordered to track down everyone involved the first time round. The only problem is they keep dying, in ever more grotesque and violent ways. How can Gallio stay ahead of the game when the game keeps changing?

Gosh this was COMPLETELY unexpected. Very good, excellent in fact, just to be clear, but not quite, perhaps, what you might be thinking from the blurb. You get what it says on the tin with a good deal of added extra. Plus its slightly weird which always appeals to me. A thriller? Yes. If you have to describe “Act of the Assassins” as anything that will do just fine.

Now I feel like I don’t want to tell you any more about it because seriously it was extremely clever, changes the world as we know it and turns it on its head (Whilst spinning you around somewhat)  and gives an entirely different perspective on, well, lots of things!  Now you are probably intrigued – good because it is an intriguing and thought provoking read whilst at the same time being a really good “thriller”.

It is a completely mad read in some ways but terribly convincing and with some compelling themes – faith, cult following, amongst others – the characters are all strange yet wonderful and there are some interesting plot threads running throughout. It is intelligently drawn, a definite page turner in places, but again as I say it is one of those books that perhaps is best read cold. The non linear narrative works extremely well, giving it a unique edge and the mystery element is well imagined. In fact imaginative is probably the one word I would use to describe it as a whole.

I definitely recommend it for those of you looking for something a little different in their mystery thrillers.

Happy Reading Folks!




Publication Date: Available now from Sphere

Source: Purchased Copy

Victor is the face in the crowd you don’t see, a perfect assassin with nothing to live for.
But when an old friend turns to him for help, he finds he can’t refuse. For once his objective isn’t to kill, but to protect.
Hunted through the streets of London by ruthless enemies, Victor needs to be more than just a bodyguard… but his every move leads danger closer to the very person he’s vowed to defend.

Oh I do love a bit of Victor. My favourite fictional anti-hero in a lot of ways, I never fail to enjoy these, this series is probably the most satisfying thriller series out there at the moment.

Anyway we are onto book 4 already, in this instalment Victor turns from death to life in an attempt to protect the daughter of an old “friend” – not really Victor’s thing but hey, needs must and all that and he does have his own peculiarly ingrained sense of honour and rather eclectic loyalties – all of which help to make him as fascinating as he is.

As ever terrifically well constructed and a real rollercoaster read, Victor has his work cut out for him here, facing enemies old and new and trying to stay one step ahead of the game. I do love how Tom Wood manages to portray Victor as both completely free of emotion whilst at the same time chock full of the stuff – he is a great yin v yang of a character who will utterly engage you to the point that it often doesnt matter what is going on around him.

This particular story had a most satisfying start and an ending that made me quietly smile, the main portion in the middle is brilliantly paced and genuinely earns its “Thriller” tag and I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than I have all the others.

Highly Recommended for Thriller fans. (Start with The Hunter if this is your first foray into these)

Happy Reading Folks!



Publication Date: Available now from Quercus.

Source: Publisher review copy

Security consultant and private investigator Michael Sander is tasked with the investigation of a video that seems to show two people being hunted to their deaths. His job is to find out who they are, and why they were murdered. But this isn’t just another case, and these deaths are only one piece of the puzzle.
This time Michael is investigating the darkest reaches of humanity, uncovering crimes that reach further than he ever imagined.

This was a corker of a thriller, with a character (Michael) I immediately fell in love with, an extremely intriguing and horrific premise turning into a wonderfully twisty turny tale to boot.

The opening packs a heck of a punch and throws you straight into proceedings with barely time to draw breath. Enter Michael Sanders, hired by a rich and influential woman to investigate a mysterious video and from there things only get more and more exciting. As he teems up with Superintendant  Lene Jensen to track down some truly evil bad guys, the whole thing is utterly addictive, brilliantly written and just a little bit insane. Fantastic.

Michael and Lene are both extremely intriguing characters who I feel we  have only scratched the surface of here. They, ( and their completely platonic relationship which makes a change ) are very compelling and the situation they find themselves in is both unreal and terribly dangerous. Thrown together by circumstance, despite the thriller aspect of the story, they ground it and make it all so much more engaging overall. A character driven spine chiller of the highest order.

The story flows along at a hectic pace, keeping you turning those pages, a range of eclectic supporting characters are thrown into the mix and the whole thing has an almost guilty pleasure feel to it – Steffen Jacobsen paints a picture of villainy with a deft hand and whilst it is utterly horrifying you still cannot look away.

Overall a most terrific read – can we hope that this is the start of a series? I would very much hope so…


Happy Reading Folks!



Publication Date: Available Now from Simon and Schuster UK Fiction.

Source: Netgalley

Shortly after a crowded New York-bound flight takes off from Stockholm, a bomb threat is found on board. Anonymous hijackers demand that the Swedish government revoke its decision to deport a Moroccan man. If their demands are not met, the plane will explode if it attempts to land. The US and Swedish governments must choose between negotiating with terrorists in order to save the four hundred passengers held hostage at thirty thousand feet, or to stand their ground and pursue the deportation of a possibly innocent man. Fredrika Bergman, familiar with the deportation case through her work in the Justice Department, now returns to the police force to act as a liaison between Police Superintendent Alex Recht, and the abrasive Eden Lundell, agent with the Security Service’s counter-terrorism unit.

A really excellent thriller this one – I am aware now that there are previous novels in this series featuring Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht but sadly these had passed me by – however in this case I have started “late” at the right point,this novel being a slight change in direction from the previous – and introducing (I believe) Eden Lundell, a character I fell in love with. I will certainly go back and read the others, however for the next reader, starting here will give you no problems whatsoever.

A series of bomb threats brings Alex Recht into contact with Sapo, the Swedish intelligence service and also back together with previous partner Fredricka Bergman – when the threats pass with no actual explosions, everyone is relieved if somewhat confused – however the real danger has just taken off from Stockholm and is en route to New York…

This is a novel of many twists and turns and some absolutely edge of the seat moments throughout…Alex has a particular reason for being determined to bring the plane down safely, but he is embroiled in political motivations and secrecy involving many agencies across a divide of many countries, so he has his work cut out for him. It is all very exciting, eminently readable and one of those page turners that keeps you burning the midnight oil…

I particularly liked the intricate plotting, the depth of the characters and the seamless way the author immerses you into the story  – playing on some emotional issues with relation to the fight against terrorism, human rights and the issue of “how far is too far” it is an intelligently drawn novel that makes you think about those issues whilst at the same time being absolutely entertained and enthralled.  The scenes on board the endangered flight are realistically scary, the mystery element is terrifically well written so you are never quite sure what is what and there is absolutely no promise of a happy ending so you barely get a chance to draw breath.

As I said earlier I loved Eden as a character – I am hoping that her story will continue – I also enjoyed the interpersonal relationships of the main protagonists from the series, the pragmatic look at work versus family and all in all it really was a very very good read with some tightly drawn characters and a very  stimulating storyline.

Highly Recommended especially for fans of Scandinavian Fiction.

Happy Reading Folks!




Publication Date: Available Now.

Source: Author Review Copy

This is the story of Kiri, a beautiful older-than-her-years English-Japanese teenager who moves with her family from Putney to the Scottish Borders when her father accepts a job as Forestry Manager. She is abruptly pulled out of her West London comfort zone to a world of no Broadband, no mobile phone signal and no friends. Her beauty catches the attention of Chris, the landowner’s son as well as the unwelcome interest of his father and her dad’s boss, the Laird, Lord Roderick Duncan.

So in “Riccarton Junction” we meet Kikarin, a teenager recently moved to Scotland, looking to start a new part of her life and indulge herself in her interest in History – but she faces some real issues because of her background and has to deal with a lot of nasty stuff including  racism. When her brother is released from Prison she faces a whole new set of problems, here is where the “Thriller” element of the tale kicks in…and I found this to be a highly enjoyable and quite clever read.

Kikarin is intriguing as a character – her interest in dying communities is an odd one but it seems to suit her perfectly and allows one of the many strands of this story to come to life, leading her into a relationship with Chris and into the path of his father. There is an eclectic mix of characters here and the many life themes woven into the narrative are handled well. When her criminal brother arrives at their new home bringing with him a wealth of danger, it is a dark and often disturbing read.

I don’t want to give too much away but not all the people you will meet  are exactly as they appear, there are some surprising and very clever little twists and turns to keep you on your toes and make you keep turning the pages and overall I thought this was a pretty terrific read.

There were a few subjective issues for me – perhaps some of the many sub plots could have been less or even lost altogether in order to keep the story tight, Kikarin can become annoying at times – yes I get that she is beautiful, which is oft repeated, and  I could have done without knowing what she was wearing all the time. Her own attitude to her beauty and the fact that all the men “want” her can grate occasionally as well – but these slight annoyances aside she was a well rounded character and a good main protagonist.

I’m not sure what I’d call this one if pushed – it is certainly a coming of age tale for Kiri,  there are some disturbing themes that will give you pause for thought. Definitely a slow burner, the tension slowly building and it is well written and flows nicely. It is one of those books that while it is by no means perfect, it is a very good read and I will be interested to see how this author develops over time.

I believe there is more to come  and I would call this a solid 3.5* read with potential.

Happy Reading Folks!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00036]

Publication Date: Available Now.

Thank you kindly to the author for the review copy.

When a healthy, liberal U.S. senator suddenly falls ill at a political fundraising event, he is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, but dies hours after being stabilized. Miami-based FBI Special Agent Daniel Falcone is called in to investigate. He quickly suspects foul play. As he searches for evidence, a torrent of domestic terrorism is unleashed upon the nation.

With “When White Fades to Black” Mr Conlan has given us a highly entertaining and intriguing follow up (not direct sequel) to “Nameless” – a book I loved – featuring once again protagonist Daniel Falcone.

This time he delves into the world of Politics, domestic terrorism and racism, with a deft hand and a terrific story flow that puts you right at the heart of the action immediately. With some insightful characterisation and some truly heart stopping moments, I was enthralled throughout. I especially like the psychological depth Mr Conlan brings to his characters, the twisted thinking that leads to the types of acts described here – the pacing is perfectly poised between characterisation and action – the sign of a terrific thriller.

This story does not pull any punches, like with “Nameless” the appeal for me as a reader here was the gritty and realistic twist given to some difficult subjects, an evocative and thought provoking tale that will give you pause for reflection whilst at the same time captivating and enticing you into a world that to most of us is unimaginable – yet we know it is out there Fascinating stuff.

Those of you waiting for the next part of Shem’s story will be pleased to note the cleverly placed foreshadowing – in the meantime this is a terrific thriller that can be read as a standalone and has certainly wetted my appetite for more. I love Daniel (and Annie, yes she is here as well) and am very excited to see what is next. Recommended for fans of  thrillers with heart.

Happy Reading Folks!



Publication Date: Available now

Thank you to the author for the review copy.

Disgraced cop and degenerate cad Shane Bishop now makes his living as a professional set-up artist, using his unique skillset to frame his clients’ enemies for various criminal offenses. When his latest job goes wrong and his mark ends up in a body bag, the ex-lawman becomes the prime suspect in a high-profile murder investigation – framed himself by a mysterious government agent.

Not quite what I was expecting this one – but an extremely fun thriller with some great humerous touches and plenty of excitement.

It has an ironic edge that makes it very readable – I was very fond of our main protagonist Shane – and this book does not take itself at ALL seriously, it reminded me somewhat of those spy spoofs such as Spy Hard and strangely enough I had Austin Powers in my head while I was reading the narration. That said it was also intriguing at times, has a quirky writing style, and an adventurous turn that kept me turning the pages. Plenty of action, plenty of laughs and a character who cares not a bit for other peoples opinion of him, added up to a wonderful read.

Being framed for murder has never been so much fun! A solid 3* read that I enjoyed over the course of a sunny Sunday afternoon – recommended for just that sort of thing.

Happy Reading folks!



Publication Date: Available now from Open Road Media.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy.

When a young Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander, Sam Merrill, finds a “ghost” yacht full of a billion dollars worth of gold, money and contraband, he becomes a national sensation and the poster boy for America’s war on drugs.  As a reward, the government sends Sam and his wife, Amy, on an all expense paid vacation to the Bahamas. Sam’s newfound fame quickly becomes a nightmare when Amy is kidnapped not long after they arrive in the tropical paradise.

This is a short but intriguing thriller from the author who wrote the book that inspired one of my favourite movies “Die Hard” – a fast paced story, following Sam Merrill, pursued by Columbians who then kidnap his wife – and his attempts to track her down and rescue her.

It flows fairly well, although I would say it reads more like a script for a movie than a book – perhaps down to the short length – but I very much enjoyed it and indeed, would love to see this translated to screen as it would probably work better in that medium.

There is enough mystery surrounding the story to keep you interested – the characterisation is good, Amy especially, although again down to the short length the emphasis is on the action rather than the people – which works well in the scenario the author has created.

Overall a great little read, one that is perfect for a lazy Sunday and if you enjoy fast paced action thrillers you will definitely enjoy this one.

Happy Reading Folks!




Publication Date: July 31st 2014 from Simon And Shuster UK.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via Netgalley.

A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the Sheriff’s Department to arrest a man for a possible double homicide, but further investigations suggest a much more horrifying discovery – a serial killer who has been kidnapping, torturing and mutilating victims all over the United States for at least twenty-five years. The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth of lies and deception – can he be believed?

Despite the fairly horrific things that happen around him, I am always extremely happy to be in the company of Robert Hunter once more – this time was no exception but with “An Evil Mind” Chris Carter has given things a whole new edge.

An old University friend of Robert’s is arrested upon suspicion of murder. Due to the circumstances he ends up in the custody of the FBI where he refuses to speak to anyone except Hunter. Begging for assistance in proving his innocence, Lucien calls upon their old ties of friendship – but what Robert finds is horrifying beyond measure..

Of all the crime fiction out there, Chris Carter is perhaps the author for me who does the best mix of psychology and thrills – add to that the character of Robert Hunter, a man who is both enigmatic and brilliant and you have a perfect storm. In the case of “An Evil Mind” he has upped the game considerably,  we are shown  into the darkest corners of the human psyche from a front row seat. As Robert reels from one revelation to the next in his quest for the truth, this is absolutely edge of the seat stuff, but with a great depth of plot and a tremendously clever twisting of circumstances. I was enthralled throughout, completely and utterly fascinated – and as things headed towards an extremely dramatic finale, it was perfectly done – I knew nothing good was coming but I couldnt look away…

All in all this is another great addition to the series – perhaps even the best yet – from an author who is currently right at the top of his game.

Highly recommended for fans of Crime Fiction and Thrillers –  if you havent met Robert Hunter yet you may want to start with The Crucifix Killer and read in order – however this can quite easily be read as a standalone if you just can’t wait. I certainly can’t wait for what happens next…

Happy Reading Folks!




Available Now from Quercus.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy.

Graham Weber has been director of the CIA for less than a week when a Swiss kid in a dirty T-shirt walks into the American consulate in Hamburg and says the agency has been hacked, and he has a list of agents’ names to prove it. This is the moment a CIA director most dreads.
Weber isn’t sure where to turn until he meets a charismatic (and unstable) young man named James Morris who runs the Internet Operations Center. He’s the CIA’s in-house geek. Weber launches Morris on a mole hunt unlike anything in spy fiction—one that takes the reader into the hacker underground of Europe and America and ends up in a landscape of paranoia and betrayal.

An intriguing spy thriller this ,with a quite well developing intelligent plot and a fascinating look at the world of hackers that I enjoyed very much.

When Graham takes on the top job at the Agency its with a view to becoming a new broom – sweeping out the old and creating a far more reliable and focussed company – he barely has a foot in the door however before things take a sinister turn. Someone, it appears, has access to everything. And that is not good news at all..

There were ups and downs to this one overall for me – the writing is terrific and the story is mostly tightly woven and compelling – however at times I found the characters for me personally fell a bit flat. Graham Weber is an interesting one – and I loved his background and previous persona before he is encouraged to take the position by the President, but after that I didnt QUITE think he lived up to the promise. Some of the early decision making seemed unlikely given the outline of character we had been given – there were also a few other points at which I had to suspend disbelief.

Put that aside though, there is also a lot to love here, especially if you are a fan of the genre – James as a character kind of saved the day for me, his geek side v his intelligence side came across extremely well, there are plenty of twists and turns to keep the story flowing, and the premise was definitely appealing. The execution of it was perhaps a bit lax in places but I still enjoyed the journey and can forgive the minor lacks of cohesion.

In ratings terms a solid 3.5 stars and I would be interested to read another of this authors novels to see whats what.

Happy Reading Folks!



Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via netgalley.

Death waits at the world’s end.
Deep inside the Arctic circle, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Terra Nova batters its way through the frozen sea. One day, a gaunt figure skis out of the fog. The crew bring him aboard and give him medical treatment for prolonged exposure, malnutrition – and a gunshot wound.
The man has escaped from ice-bound research station two hundred miles south of the pole. And the tale he tells is one of secrets, insanity and death.

First I should say a HUGE thank you to Kate  ( ) for putting this author on my radar. I, like her, read my review copy quite early due to insane amounts of chronic impatience – glad I did because it was fabulous.

So here we have that thing which I love – a superbly written, intelligent and compelling thriller, that does not at any point drop the pace or the quality of the writing and sends you off into another world. Tom Harper achieves all of this right here and although this is the first book of his I have read it will certainly not be the last.

The setting was so realistic that I literally shivered my way through this one – and whilst I would adore to see such a place, I am now severely worried about the Bear issue. That aside, the danger element to living and working in such an untenable environment comes across brilliantly and added to that is a very exciting and compelling story of  secrets and madness. Told from several points of view, a picture emerges of some very strange goings on hidden underneath the cover of research and observation.

Characterisation is of a high standard, the author managing to keep you off balance and always unsure as to the truth of the matter, and as the story progresses you will become more and more addicted to finding out the facts about what the heck happened at Zodiac – and who may have been responsible. Its the kind of novel you can play the best kinds of guessing games with – and the narrative is sharp and effective. Spot on for a bit of a huddle under the duvet with a torch and preferably some kind of chocolate. No ice cream though – shiver.

Overall a fun and fascinating read and one I have no hesitation in recommending highly.

Happy Reading Folks!



Thank you to the author for the review copy.

Huddled in a doorway, in a blonde wig and my best Pretty Woman outfit, I’m already soaked to the skin. Any minute now, a car will pull up and the occupant will ask me how much I charge for sex. As downward spirals go, this is bad. But I’m not here because I’m reduced to turning tricks for a living. I’m here to catch a killer… Throwaways – that’s the word they’re using for the Glasgow sex workers who’ve gone missing. But two people do care and Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre won’t stop until they discover the truth; even if it gets them killed.

So the second “Die Hard for Girls” novella and whilst I enjoyed the first one it was quite frenetic in its action which meant that the characters were perhaps not fleshed out enough. This one however was more considered, gave the characters a chance to come into their own and was paced pretty perfectly between action and emotion.

The first “chapter” was very much a book about vengeance – this one is very much about justice. Previously Nancy wanted to hurt those that had hurt her, now she and Tommy want to look out for others – those who perhaps will not find help elsewhere. When sex workers in Glasgow go missing not much is done, they are the “throwaways” the ones that don’t matter, but they matter to Nancy.

The graphic nature of the violence seen in “Hell to Pay” was often difficult to read – in this instalment, whilst it is still very dark, it is much more studied and relevant throughout, adding to the disturbing nature of the events going on and keeping the reader right in the story. The flow is great and I read this in one sitting, completely immersed for the entire time.

Overall then, very enjoyable (still not for the faint hearted) with a strong female lead, much more character driven, which for me is always key. I’ve a feeling these are going to get better and better and I look forward very much to seeing what happens next.

Happy Reading Folks!



Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via BookBridgr

A madman is on the rampage in the Los Angeles streets.
The City of Angels has become The City of Fear.
And everyone from the Oval Office down wants a quick result.
The heat is on Jake Mottram, head of the FBI’s new Spree Killer Unit,
and psychological profiler Angie Holmes to find the madman responsible.

Wow what an adrenalin rush of a book this was! Almost the perfect thriller – short sharp chapters following our main protagonists, lots of twists and turns along the way and some utterly compelling action to boot.

This was originally published as a serial – thank heavens I wasnt reading it then, how could I have waited from one part to the next? A spree killer is loose in L.A. but is he exactly what he appears to be? Angie Holmes is not convinced, Jake Mottram just wants to take his head off. Between them they will track and trace the devil, all the while trying to sort out their invariably complicated yet realistic personal lives.

I love the way this was written – it was one of those brilliant books you can dip in and out of, stays with you inbetween reads, almost like a carrot/stick scenario where you get stuff done and in return you can dive back into the story and find out what comes next. Ok to be fair I didnt NECESSARILY get stuff done apart from the reading, but still, if you are a better person than I then for sure this is a rewarding book in so many ways.

If you love a good thriller with heart then you will love this. If you like your characters flawed yet understandable, realistic yet fascinating, you will love this. If you like a book to surprise you occasionally and make you go “what??” you will love this. Most of all if you like a darn good yarn with a hint of an episodic feel to it – think 24 on acid – then you will absolutely love this.

I did. Excellent stuff.

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Publication Date: Kindle: 25th March.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy.

Marie Walker has vanished from the face of the earth…
Her besotted boyfriend, newspaper photographer Richard Thompson, vows to find her, convinced that Marie’s unusual beliefs hold the key.
But a shocking discovery makes him question if he ever really knew his girlfriend. And when people around him start to die, Richard is plunged into terrible danger.
Drawn into the world of a sinister cult and the darkest corners of the Internet, Richard finds himself increasingly out of his depth – as he discovers just how far people will go to protect what they believe in..

When Richard meets Marie he falls irrevocably in love, but Marie has an unusual belief system and an utter devotion to her cause. In the spirit of compromise, Richard takes it all in his stride but when Marie disappears without warning he finds himself caught up in unbelievable and far reaching events.

This is an absolutely fascinating look at a strange yet compelling section of society, using a very much character driven tale to, really, show us how easy it is to get caught up in the idea of salvation, in whichever form it comes. Utterly intense, as Richard searches desperately for Marie amidst a backdrop of a world he has no part of – you will be completely caught up in the sense of worry and heartache he has to endure – and will be right there with him as frustration mounts and he heads into the danger zone.

As with “The Magpies” Mark Edwards has given a sense of the darker side of human nature here, even if using a very different story, and once again characterisation is of an extremely high standard. You WILL care despite perhaps thinking at various stages that Richard should cut his losses – but obsession is a strange and wonderful thing. Logic has no part of it.

Again cleverly written, an addictive story flow and a wry eye to the ironic gives you an enjoyable and escapist reading experience. Excellent stuff. Can’t wait for whats next.

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Publication Date: 13th March 2014 from Faber and Faber.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy.

In New York City, Isabel Reed, one of the most respected and powerful literary agents in the city, frantically turns the pages of a manuscript into the early dawn hours. This manuscript – printed out, hand-delivered, totally anonymous – is full of shocking revelations and disturbing truths, things which could compromise national security. Is this what she’s been waiting for her entire career: a book that will help her move on from a painful past, a book that could save her beloved industry… a book that will change the world?

Having read “The Expats” on a whim a while ago and very much enjoyed it, I was looking forward to this one – and wow, it was page turning stuff!

Set over 24 hours, we follow the course of a book. Not just any book – this is “The Accident” by Anonymous, a dangerous book to be aware of, one that holds disturbing revelations that a lot of very deadly people would prefer never saw the light of day.

Isabel has read it – and understands the pitfalls. She tries to keep it as low key as possible while trying to find the right way to publish it but falls foul of several (rather alarmingly stupid and over ambitious) characters who are determined to make it their own and take all the glory. Add to that a team of people who’s one aim is to ensure that the book never gets out into the world and you have the recipe for a dizzying, adrenalin rush of a read that hardly lets up for a moment.

The thing I loved most about this one was the (possibly rather skewed? I have no personal knowledge!) insight into the publishing industry – and the many varied characters that get involved when it comes to the whole mish mash of things that have to happen before that book you want is sitting on the shelves. In my rather twisty brain I now have visions of   “Fight Club” like meetings where down and dirty fistfights decide who will get the rights to a much wanted novel – either that or whoever can run away fastest clutching the manuscript in their hands whilst pushing other hapless publishing types out of the way. It made fascinating reading and and served to put you right into the story, and become just as invested in “The Accident” as Isabel was, albeit possibly for different reasons.

We get to meet Kate again (main protagonist from The Expats) which made me a very happy reader having been totally invested in her  during the reading of that novel, along with an eclectic cast of new characters all extremely well drawn and enchanting – although often very dislikeable.

What Chris Pavone has done here is created a Thriller with heart – action packed but allowing for compelling character development and getting the reader invested totally in seeing this book published. Or not. Maybe you’ll come down on the side of the darker forces…who knows? Either way I half expected Jack Bauer to appear running around with his gun at some point – it was that intense (although much more realistic than 24 hours in the life of Jack who never appears to need the bathroom) and as such was a highly enjoyable read. Another 4am finish for me…

Very much recommended.

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Publication Date: 22nd April by St Martin’s Press.

Thank you to the author/publisher for the review copy via netgalley.

For centuries, the Furies have lived among us. Long ago they were called witches and massacred by the thousands. But they’re human just like us, except for a rare genetic mutation that they’ve hidden from the rest of the world for hundreds of years.
Now, a chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Ariel has led John Rogers into the middle of a secret war among the Furies. Ariel needs John’s help in the battle between a rebellious faction of the clan and their elders. The grand prize in this war is a chance to remake the human race.

Right this one is a funny one for me. I’ve marked it as a Thriller but I guess you could tag it Science Fiction/Fantasy as well – this is why I hate genre boxes! To be fair I’d say this is a bit of a mish mash.

The premise is fairly intriguing  – what if “Witchcraft” were a simple gene mutation away.  On top of that what if living amongst us were people who had this gene mutation. The “Furies” of the title.

I liked the idea and I also liked the first part of the book which was action action action – it was what I was in the mood for and I was right there – ok a bit far fetched but still a lot of fun, as John meets Ariel, bad guys arrive and they have to run.

After that it lost me a bit. It lacked cohesion for me – the science didnt seem too likely if I’m honest although I’m no scientist. And certainly I think there is a fair bit of a different kind of “fantasy” going on when you have red haired green eyed beauties everywhere who happen to have “magical” qualities. One for the guys perhaps?

I didnt really connect to any of the characters enough to feel motivated to care what happened to them. Which was sad because on paper this looked like just my sort of thing  but ultimately, whilst the action portions were well executed the rest of it fell a bit flat.

A solid 3 stars, a fairly pleasant distraction but nothing to write home about.

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Thank you for the review copy via netgalley

Never a doubt. Never a mistake. Always for justice. Never for revenge. She’s the person you hire when you need something fixed—permanently. With a strict set of criteria, she evaluates every request and chooses only a few. No more than one job per country, per year. She will only step in if it’s clear that justice will not be served any other way. Her jobs are completed with skill and precision, and never result in inquiry or police investigation. The Fixer is invisible—and quite deadly. . . .

This is the first in a series from T.E. Woods and it got off to a great start. The Fixer is an assassin for hire yes, but one with a strict moral code and a sense of justice. When a detective and a psychologist get on the trail we are set for a terrific book adventure.

Fast paced yet cleverly written, this twisty tale will keep you on your toes throughout and is a great fun read if you love a good thriller. There is a great mystery element to be had as well and characters are well fleshed out and great to follow along with. There is a lovely flowing narrative that pulls you along through all the intrigue, never letting the standard drop. I will certainly look forward to more of this.

I would recommend it to those who love mystery thrillers that can keep you in the moment and need a reasonably quick fast paced read.

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Thank you to the author for the review copy.

The scion of one of the West’s great outlaws comes home from the war in Iraq—Gilman James, the last of three childhood friends to return.
His brothers-in-arms are mere shadows of their former selves—Gil, unmarked—determines to take care of them. But how far should a man go for the people he loves?

Admittedly at the start of this book I wasnt entirely convinced I would love it but the further into it I got the more it took a hold of me – and I’m not sure how useful this is to the next reader but it happily got me through the several bus journeys I had to take that day!

There is a plethora of action in this one and its written in a quirky, snappy style that I thought was terrific as soon as my brain absorbed it. There are some great characters here, Gil is a superb action “hero”  with actual intelligence John offered a great juxtaposition and I liked that it had a strong female lead without the author feeling the need to over do sexual tension..if you want an action thriller thats exactly what you will get.

A bank robbery gone wrong, an exhilerating chase, set against the backdrop of some great scene setting, I spent a pleasurable few hours with this one. It is a bit rough and ready – but the story more than makes up for that so all in all a pretty good read.

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Thank you to the author for the review copy.

When someone starts assassinating paparazzi in three countries, MI7 sits up. Apparently, the killer is a retired SVR field-operative and former Kremlin protege named Dmitri Vassyli Kramski. True, the Cold War is long finished, but everyone knows Vladimir Putin is as unhappy for Russia to play second fiddle on the international stage as even the most strident of his Communist predecessors. Could this be the key to the riddle?

I do love a good rip roaring adventure tale and this was exactly that. Straight into the action this was a terrific thrill ride of a book.

This is a spy thriller updated for modern times, the well imagined “MI7” giving the backdrop for a tale of murdered paparazzi and international intrigue.

Along with the action there is a hefty dose of suspense thrown in for good measure and often the story takes you in unexpected directions including one extremely clever little plot twist that had me giving a nod of approval to the author.

All in all a good fun read, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

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Meet Victor. He’s an assassin – a man with no past and no surname. But when a Paris job goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents, accompanied by a woman too beautiful to trust, pursued by enemies too powerful to escape.

Well, talk about a rollercoaster ride. A sheer thrill of a read with fast paced action that does not compromise on character development or plot and is truly edge of the seat stuff.

I’m a bit funny when it comes to reading Thrillers. Apart from the obvious, Reacher, Bourne, I tend to stick with psychological thrillers preferring my action to be on the big screen…There’s a reason I saw “Die Hard” at the cinema 27 times. Yes ok you can tease me on that one later. In this case though the writing is flawless and its kind of like a movie unfolding in your head. I’ve cast it, watched it, enjoyed it already.

Victor is an intriguing character – a violent man yet his reasoning is kind of pure. And certainly he is not to be messed with. The story unfolds at break neck speed, you will need to catch your breath several times a chapter and yet the plot development is beautifully done and flows off the page in terrific style. Reading adrenalin junkies will love it.

All in all a fantastic read and I shall look forward to more of Victor’s adventures.

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Thank you to the author for the review copy.

When Private Military Contractor Zeb Carter witnesses gruesome crimes in the Congo, he can’t just walk away.
Plagued by the scale of the crimes and the helplessness of the victims, he is bent on his own private justice.

This is another one of those books that, had I not been offered it for review, I probably would have missed out on. Which would have been a shame because not only did it get me through a particularly long night, but it was a fast paced, addictive read with plenty of action tempered with enough emotional resonance to give it an edge.

Zeb Carter is on a mission of vengeance against a particularly nasty mercenary, one Carsten Holt – after witnessing atrocities he cannot let slide, he is determined to seek his own brand of justice – and returns to New York to do just that. Along with an eclectic cast of supporting characters, all of whom are well drawn and believable (Rory was a character I became particularly fond of) he will get his man. Won’t he?

I found this intriguing – I don’t read what could be termed “military” thrillers that often and I became more fascinated by the whole mercenary/security consulting subject the further I got drawn into the story. There is an interesting morality here – some are willing to protect Carsten Holt despite his villainy simply because he can offer them something in return that may save others – So food for thought there in and of itself.

The plot is intelligent and feels authentic, the action is well described and exciting and overall I found this a clever, flowing read with decent characterisation to be built upon and expanded in the future stories that I’m sure will appear.

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Psychological Thriller

Coming January 16th From Bloomsbury.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the advance copy via netgalley.

A whirlwind romance. A perfect marriage. Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness. Until the day her husband fails to come home…

Oh goody. Anyone that follows my reviews in various places will know that one of my favourite things is a well written twisty tale, so I put my brain into gear, surrounded myself with chocolate and dived into this one with great anticipation. I have just emerged, sporting a classic case of bed hair, having been taken for a rollercoaster ride of love, marriage, deception and a devilish plot twisting heart of darkness. Fabulous.

So, one perfectly normal day, Hannah Reilly tootles off to the airport to pick up Husband Mark from another one of his business trips – when he fails to arrive she is baffled, worried and yet practical…a few phone calls, a bit of running around and sometime later, everything is seemingly explained. However something is nagging at Hannah and so she begins a journey into Mark’s past..and his life before they met.

Now we readers all know that one dimensional characters will not work with a story like this – so luckily Hannah is anything but. Her background and previous life story is perfectly drawn so that everything she does whilst trying to find out the truth is realistic and likely – even if she seems naive at times. How well do you really know the people in your life? How much do you take on trust? Those questions are covered here an in a clever, compelling and multi stranded tale that weaves a web of deception around the lives of the characters therein – but who exactly is deceiving who and why? Well that is the question is it not.

The story ebbs and flows at a perfect pace, those surrounding Hannah all help and hinder, the drama plays out in perfect harmony….until the impeccable finale where all is finally revealed. Intelligently done, whether you come to the correct conclusions during the reading of this one will purely come down to what your sense of the characters tells you. Who will you trust? We’ll see.

Unbelievable as it may seem, this is the first novel from Lucie Whitehouse that I have read. I now discover that there are two previous ones, both looking equally intriguing. Do not fear, I shall rectify that as soon as possible – watch this space…

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Coming 24th December from Open Road Integrated Media

Thanks to the author and publisher for the review copy via Netgalley.

Blaine McCracken races to stop terrorists from unleashing an ancient weapon of unimaginable power at the president’s State of the Union speech.

1590: An entire colony of British settlers vanishes from their settlement on Roanoke Island, seemingly into thin air.
1872: The freighter Mary Celeste is found drifting at sea off Gibraltar, its entire crew and passengers gone missing without a trace.
What if there’s a connection between two of the greatest historical mysteries ever?

So an interesting premise as always for this, the latest Blaine McCracken thriller (I have dipped in and out of this series on occasion) and perhaps the best one that I have read so far for pure page turning madness.

Jon Land has a gift for blending the mythical with the material and this is no exception – starting us off with a bitesize view of the historical Roaonoke and Marie Celeste disappearances, forwarding through history to bring us bang up to date to the world of today where dangerous and enigmatic Reverend Jeremiah Rule preaches his messages of hate – we are set for Blaine McCracken to face perhaps his most formidable enemy yet.

From then on in its a rollercoaster ride of madness and mayhem as Blaine and the usual suspects try to stop the unthinkable, survive the experience and bring down a man who is more dangerous than even those manipulating him know..can Blaine save the world once more? Ah well. We will see.

Terrific writing as usual, a fast paced joyride of a novel that will make your heart pound and give your brain a work out. Recommended for fans of Thrillers with a twist.

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In many ways, Reeve LeClaire looks like a typical twenty-two year old girl. But Ten years ago, she was kidnapped and held captive. After a lucky escape, she’s spent the last six years trying to rebuild her life, a recovery thanks in large part to her indispensable therapist Dr. Ezra Lerner. But when he asks her to help another girl rescued from a similar situation, Reeve realizes she may not simply need to mentor this young victim—she may be the only one who can protect her from a cunning predator who is still out there, watching every move.


An excellent and addictive thriller due mostly to the accomplished portrayal of a victim in recovery  – a survivor, a woman who knows her own limits and sets out to test those limits when asked to help another girl in a similar situation. Reeve is extremely likeable and very sympathetic, and so invested was I in her future that I could barely put this book down.

When her therapist, Dr Lerner, asks for her help she is reluctant – unsure if she is in the right headspace to be of any use and having finally managed to eek out an existance for herself that is out of the spotlight, ultimately she agrees to become a mentor for Cassie, a girl who has recently been rescued from captivity.

As the relationship between the two girls develops, it becomes apparent that everything is not clear cut – and that danger still lurks close by.

It is rare to find a thriller that is as subtle yet sophisticated as this one – the cleverly drawn relationship between Cassie and Reeve, the understated trust Reeve has with Dr Ezra Lerner, the way both she and Cassie react to the ongoing police investigation, all brilliantly compelling. Then add to that mix a truly unsettling villain, the fate of other girls still missing and some truly edge of the seat moments and you have a perfect storm.

Yes I loved this one. Of all the wonderful thriller and crime fiction tales I have been reading lately this one touched my heart as well as made it go boom. Highly Recommended.

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A series of anonymous threats intended for others puts a man—and everyone he loves—in the path of a relentless killer


I am a huge fan of Gregg Hurwitz because he writes actually thrilling thrillers. Not only that, he leads you a merry dance while you are trying to work out what the heck might be going on….so not only do you get an edge of your seat read, but also a bit of a brain work out. Tell No Lies is no exception to this rule – and it is one of the best so far.

Daniel Brasher comes from money and privilege – he likes to think he has left that behind and he works as a therapist with groups of ex convicts to help them get their lives back on track..after one such session, he picks up his mail and finds an anonymous letter. “admit what you’ve done or you will bleed for it. you have ’til november 15 at midnite.” The letter is not addressed to him however..and the deadline has already passed.

The story twists and turns, and moves along at a heck of a pace that leaves your head spinning and your heart pounding – at the same time Mr Hurwitz manages to create believable, sometimes eccentric, always intriguing characters that you actually care about – and often manages to give you something “real life” to think about. In the case of this book, the different opportunities in life available to the rich versus the poor.

I havent loved ALL the books equally – some are not quite as exciting, or quite as involving, but all are enjoyable. I put this at no 2 on my “Favourite Hurwitz Books” list just beaten to the post by “We Know” a novel I read in one caffeine fuelled breathless night last year. Anyone who loves a good thriller but likes them to be intelligent will enjoy this one. And probably a fair few others from this author…

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Thank you kindly to the author for the copy of this book to review.

Flash cars and country house, but all is at stake. JUST ONE CLICK is all it would take for thirty-something mother-of-two Nicole Hollis to remove the sexy ‘what if’ man she lusts after from her Facebook… But she just can ‘t do it. Instead she allows his games to undermine her relationship with older, sophisticated Richard and her sanity spirals when events she can’t fathom escalate. Nothing in her life is what it seems and who is really in control?

This was a clever and intriguing thriller that looks at our current obsession with social media and networking. Nicole is dissatisfied with her life despite seemingly having it all and when she becomes interested in a face from her past via Facebook, this quickly becomes an obsession. As events unfold just what is real and what is imagined?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it messed with my head in the best way possible. Nicole and her obsession with connections is a fascinating protagonist to follow and the story itself is complex and compelling. A terrific tale symbolic of our time, I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good thriller with a very real scenario at its heart.

Beware though – it left me feeling vaguely uneasy when logging into my Facebook page this morning….A thought provoking read. I may have to avoid accepting friend requests for a while…

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A Peace Corps volunteer has gone missing in Bulgaria and everyone assumes he is dead, everyone except his grandfather, who refuses to give up hope. Retired literature professor Simon Matthews launches a desperate search only to be lured into a bizarre quest to retrieve a stolen Thracian artifact—a unique object of immense value others will stop at nothing to recover.

I wasnt entirely sure what to expect when I started this one – its true that I would not have chosen it for myself, yet that would have been a shame. Told from various points of view, we open with Simon – beginning his journey to find out the truth about his missing Grandson – with the help of Sophia, a local History teacher he meets along the way.

I especially loved how Mr Shuman manages to give us a lot of background and information on the culture of Bulgaria, a country I know little about, by weaving it effortlessly into the flow of the story – in a way this is part travel guide and it works very well to put you in the moment.

The mystery element is well imagined and as the story twists and turns towards its ultimate conclusion you will find adventure, thrills and intrigue here. Wonderful writing style makes it easy to read with a mix of fast paced plot and more sedate meandering that keeps you involved until the end.

It did take me a while to “sink in” to the tale – but once I was there, there I stayed. Enjoyable mystery thriller, great characters and very well written.



Thank you to the author for the copy via netgalley.

Amanda Young grew up in Port Isley, a remote seaside community perched on the outermost shores of Washington. She’s watched as, each summer, the tight-knit small village braces for the invasion of vacationers seeking refuge from city life. But this year, a new kind of visitor arrives in Port Isley, bringing something most unexpected.


I wasnt sure what to expect when I started this one I have to say. The blurb sounded interesting and as it turns out it was a terrific story and quite addictive.

Amanda Young sees a murder before it happens. Eventually dismissing it as a one time thing, suddenly she realises that she “knows” more and more…Meanwhile the small town community  of Port Isley is suffering a bout of sudden unexpected violence and its inhabitants are becoming more and more psychologically unsound…local therapist John is inundated with requests for help, and Amanda realises that everyone around her is changing..

Yes highly enjoyable. Lots going on, as we follow various characters through their day to day lives, some becoming more unstable, others seemingly unaffected but knowing that something is wrong, yet others are feeling more positive..with an influx of Summer Visitors, could it be that one of them is not what they appear?

It made me think of “Needful Things” by Stephen King – albeit a different story and the writing is in no way like King’s…but the sense of doom that pervades the pages is similar. As the reader you just know that something odd is going on, but in the same way as the residents of the town, you can’t quite  put your finger on it…and this keeps you reading.

I don’t want to give anything away but if you like a good mystery with a hint of the supernatural and have wondered if perhaps there is something to be said for psychic ability then you will very much enjoy this one.

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So in the 18th outing for our beloved Jack Reacher, he is unceremoniously dumped back into army life and accused of murder. But this is Jack Reacher so you just KNOW thats not what the problem is going to be ultimately…and therein lies an issue I had this time around.

First I want to be clear: The standard of writing has not dropped one iota. Lee Child can make you turn the pages and no mistake but…I am wondering if the term “running out of steam” could be fairly applied here. I think it could. The plot was involving, yes, and the first half of the novel fairly pelted along and caught you up once more in Jack’s world..but by the time I was heading past the half way mark I was kind of jaded. Been there. Done that. Probably 18 times now….

It must be difficult I imagine to make Jack Reacher different – I mean he is what he is and he does what he does, that is the beauty of the character. And if Mr Child DID send him off in a completely different direction you can bet there would outcry aplenty. Still, there might perhaps be something to be said for giving him a different reason for being occasionally – and what annoyed me somewhat, was the fact that a smaller part of this plot had the potential to do just that. Anyone who has read it previously will know just what I mean!  Reacher would still have been able to be Reacher, but I feel an opportunity to allow him to see through fresh eyes and therefore perhaps surprise us every now and then in his actions was lost.

Another downside to this particular Reacher adventure was the fact that it kind of lost its edge as it went. The ending was neither here nor there, and after a reasonable set up and lots of “hooks” it just kind of gently ran downhill to the finish and landed silently there not doing much.

Having said all that, I didnt dislike it particularly. I didnt love it either, its certainly not my favourite of the series but if you have loved Reacher in the past I see no real reason for you not to do so again with this instalment. Everything you expect is there…but not the “and then some”. Just exactly what you would expect.

I should probably point out that I made the mistake of watching “that” movie and therefore the rather diminuitive Mr Cruise kept invading my headspace during the reading of this book. I quite liked the movie to be fair but still. I’m not sure I can ever now go back to the pre movie days of imagining Reacher as a not handsome but extremely tall, well built and rather imposing figure.

I will keep reading them because I do enjoy them and I did enjoy this. Just not as much. I have enough faith in Lee Child as a writer (because he’s a darned good one!) that he will at some point refresh the character and make him less predictable – because we don’t want to lose Reacher oh no. We would just like him to grow….

Happy Reading Folks!





Pyschological Thriller


So, I love a good psychological thriller and this was great. With a great opening and a terrific build up of tension over the course of the novel, it kept me hooked until the final pages.




Gil Harper is travelling home in severe weather conditions when he encounters another car on a deserted motorway. The other driver provokes him into a dangerous race at high speed. Although deeply shaken by the experience, Gil eventually gets away and completes his journey safely.

A short time afterwards there begins a series of apparently unrelated events. What seems at first to be a vindictive game escalates into a terrifying ordeal with lethal consequences, not only for Gil, but for all those he loves and cares about.

Trouble isn’t always personal…


So Gil was an interesting character – a gentle soul and a widower who is just beginning a new life with a new love, he finds himself caught up in a series of incidents, ever more dreadful and can’t understand who would be doing these things and why. With many twists and turns along the way,  the tension builds then abates..builds then lessens..until finally there is a breathtaking rush to the final, very satisfying resolution. This book is sure to keep you up into the night..I’ve had a lot of that lately…I’m not sure my sleeping patterns will ever settle again..

The mystery element is cleverly achieved. From the secretive Sally to her possibly insane ex boyfriend, everyone is suspect. The characters are nicely imagined…and there is a touch of realism within the pages of this novel when you can see just how easy it is to find out the private details of someones life. The “Villain” is one scary person and it will make you look over your shoulder…

All in all a very good book especially when it comes to building up expectation and then not letting you down with some plot hole filled denouement..this story promises…and then delivers!


Happy Reading Folks.





Thank you kindly to the author for the copy of this novella to review.


Nancy Kerr walks into a nightmare scenario when she arrives home to find her parents murdered. Violently attacked and left for dead, she wakes up some time later in a psychiatric hospital. As her memory slowly returns so does her desire for revenge…


This was a quick snappy read – the first in a series of books, presumably all to be novella’s but don’t quote me – the main protagonist is a bit of a bitch. Unsurprising considering what she has been through, even so her actions can seem extreme. This is not for the faint hearted – the violence is very violent but I didnt feel it was gratuitous although it did make for uncomfortable reading at times. With the subject matter being what it was however, you would expect it to be so, in fact I would be worried for you if you didnt!  Nancy is not a lady to be messed with thats for sure and a really strong female protagonist always makes for a great read even if you worry vaguely at times for her ultimate wellbeing.


Its a fast paced book – no time to stop and smell the roses – and the author has put a lovely little ending in there that will make you want to read the next instalment. The characterisation is strong although I did feel that the main two (Nancy and Tom) could perhaps be fleshed out a little more – and perhaps Jenny Thomson might consider slowing the pace a little in the next book to give us time to really get to know them. I will certainly be reading onwards however…whilst there is indeed room for some improvement  as a first part this was a great way to get started. Thoroughly enjoyable, although you may find yourself having to look away occasionally.


This book will certainly not be for everyone. But if you like a good thriller, and enjoy a quick read on occasion and one that won’t bog you down, then give this a try. Love it or hate it, it will surely make you feel something!


Happy Reading Folks!




Psychological Thriller


Thank you to the author for the copy of this book to review.


Juliet is a psychotherapist and rather an impulsive lady. This ensures she follows the instructions on a strange text message….which leads her to a body. That would be bad enough…but this body is wearing Juliet’s clothes…


With a terrific opening “hook” this book will immediately draw you in. I knew straight away that I was going to be up very late and I was…I would have finished this in the early hours if my eyes would only stay open! As it was I had to wait until early evening before finally being able to sprint to the finish line…

Its a clever book – it will keep you guessing. Also the supporting cast are great, I was very fond of Brad, the detective helping Juliet find the answers…but Juliet herself is extremely compelling. With an emotive background and a mystery from her past that may well be linked to the one in her future – I’m sure I will not be the only one who wakes bleary eyed just to simply pick up the book again and find out whats next.

It was beautifully easy to read whilst still being complicated enough that it is not easy to guess what is coming…unpredictable, exciting and a pure reading rush from beginning to end, I would highly recommend this one if you are a twisty tale fan such as myself. Its not the best one I’ve read – but its certainly up there WITH the best.

This is another of those books that its difficult to review without spoilers – you kind of have to be there!

I was very impressed and I look forward to picking up another book from this author soon.

Happy Reading Folks!








Psychological Thriller – Thanks to the publisher and netgalley.


In Too Deep had an interesting premise – Hiding under an assumed name,  Maura lives day to day life as quietly as possible. She is shocked therefore to discover that a reporter knows her true identity and wants to know exactly what happened in her previous life. Reluctantly but having little choice, Maura tells her story..

I enjoyed this book it has to be said, without completely loving it. Its possible that I have read so many psychological thrillers and crime stories lately that it has to be absolutely top notch for me to rave about it. Having said that it is extremely well written, with an interesting protagonist and it holds your attention – you will want to know what is going on.

The location is key here – a small village where everyone knows everyone elses business and yet can be reluctant to interfere, its easy to see how Maura got caught up in her problem. As we find out more about her in both her incarnations, things become clearer. Or do they? I think one of my problems with this particular story is I really couldnt see why Maura acted as she did, her character seemed stronger than her actions…

Domestic violence however is a difficult subject to tackle – who can tell how any one of us would act in any given situation?

To sum up I would say if you like this type of thriller you WILL enjoy this one, but I doubt you will find any surprises. I would like to read another book by this author – I feel that this was a great debut but not the greatest I have read. Elizabeth Haynes “Into the Darkest Corner” with its similar themes is definitely superior by quite a long way. BUT this is not a bad book by any means…if you are a crime and mystery aficionado I would definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Happy Reading Folks!





Coming August 15th

First of all thank you kindly to the author for sending me a copy of this book to review.

It wouldnt have been my first choice but it hooked me fairly early on – the story, that of a spate of suicides that turn out to be serial murders, and the young aspiring journalist, Lili, who is determined to find the truth after one of her friends falls victim, is an intriguing one. Add in Dr Lengyel, the profiler who the police (some reluctantly) have brought on board to help catch the killer, and you have a heady mix of characters and a page turning thriller.

I believe that this will be a series – the author is popular in Hungary and now the books are to become available over here – and as an opener it had just the right touch to ensure that you will probably want to read more.

There are some downsides:

The characters obviously had a European touch to them, and I do think there were occasions where things were being “lost in translation” so to speak – but overall a very good read – perhaps another run at it from the editing side could cancel out the very few tiny issues.

There is explicit sex AND explicit sexual violence here, if this sort of thing bothers you I would not read this book…my personal opinion is that the majority of these scenes do add to the overall plot and continuation of the story ESPECIALLY in giving us a true picture of the killer, however I would also say there is the odd one just there for show so to speak…so if thats not your thing then maybe pick up something else.

Apart from those two possible negatives overall I enjoyed the book very much.



Available Now

Kathy and Amy are sisters – when Kathy goes missing Amy is bound and determined to find her no matter what the cost…and the cost could be high. Not being taken seriously by the Police, Amy launches her own investigation and what she finds horrifies her…

Cleverly written from several points of view, this novel is a clever take on the possible dangers of Social Media and a terrific mystery thriller. Told in bites from the side of each character, including the “bad guy” the story is intense and unsettling in equal measure. As you, the reader, get some information ahead of Amy, you may find yourself shouting at the book when she starts heading in the wrong direction, or trusting the wrong people – Certainly I had my head in my hands upon occasion.

I do love the way this duo writes – Flowing narrative, keeping you engaged with each and every character, until you are bound and determined to get to the end before cooking your dinner! The ending was spot on, unexpected and edge of the seat stuff..The ambience for me was intensified by the mad apocalyptic style thunderstorm going on in my hometown during the final few chapters – hey someone was watching! Excellent stuff. Look forward to more.

NOTE: Join me on Friday on the blog where you will be able to find a Q & A with Mark Edwards and Louise Voss, find out about their other novels and also I will be talking once more about Mr Edwards brilliantly unsettling first solo novel “The Magpies”. Happy Reading Folks!




First of all a huge thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review.

I have to say, I have put this under Thrillers because hey, it IS thrilling, however it is also a mystery, an adventure and a heist movie in novel form…extremely addictive I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Meet FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare – her only goal in life is to catch and put behind bars Con Man Nick Fox – a thief and master of misdirection he has foiled her many times. Finally she catches up to him – then of course, he promptly escapes sending Kate into the middle of nowhere to track him down once again. What she finds there astounds her and thrusts them both into a game of cat and mouse where an uneasy truce is formed and they will need each other to survive.

I adored this book – and its one of those that you really really hope will end up in visual form, either movie or tv IF done with proper care to be true to the source material. A rollicking adventure leaping off the pages you will be caught up in the shenanigans and sheer fun of it all – parts made me laugh out loud, the next moment I was embroiled in a super con and wishing I was so clever. I loved Kate and Nick and never have I been so pleased to find out that this is intended to be part of a series. I will admit to not having read this author before but I think the team of Evanovich and Goldberg should definitely have a long and glorious relationship if this is what they are going to produce together.

I havent had so much sheer fun with a  book in ages. If you love adventure and a novel that will take you away from the mundane for a while, this is for you. If you, like me are also a tv and film addict I would say if you love films such as Oceans Eleven and shows such as Leverage and White Collar then you will adore this book. Give it a go! You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Reading Folks!

Find out more about Janet Evanovich here :

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Relentless, the next in the Ethan Justice series of books started off great and then just got better and better. If anything I liked it better than the first one (always a good sign for things to come!) and once more we have a terrific adventure, peppered with humour, drama and of course a dark side…

This instalment finds Ethan and Savannah investigating a missing person and an underage sex ring and finding themselves in all kinds of trouble as usual. Once again Ethan finds himself facing a psychopath of epic proportions and in a deadly battle it is unclear which of them will emerge victorious…

I really enjoyed this yet again – although I’m going to have to have words with Mr Jenner if he persists in writing stuff that keeps me up all night – it was worth the rather accident prone day that followed whilst I wandered around sleepy eyed. Some dark yet current topics were covered in this novel, I would say in a realistic way. I love both Ethan and Savannah – a dynamic duo if ever there was one. Fast paced and unpredictable with a few twists in the tale its perfect summer reading. The bad guy is terrifically bad, the good guy is rather inept at times which makes for some highly hilarious moments and I look forward greatly to many more adventures.







A terrific twisted tale of a serial killer and the FBI agent bound and determined to catch him, this novel is a no holds barred ripping yarn bound to keep you up at night. For once you get a proper background for the killer – the novel is as often told from his point of view as it is from the view of the main protaganist and I strangely ended up feeling at times quite sympathetic towards him despite the fact that he is evil personified. Not for the faint of heart – the violence is properly violent as all real such acts are – and adds a nuance to the story often missing in this type of novel where the authors worrying about the sensibilities of the reader may overcome the more natural urge to write it as it is. Don’t get me wrong – the violent scenes are not overtly intrusive, and only there when the telling of the tale requires it, but they do ensure that your reading heart is entirely with FBI Agent Falcone as he follows the trail, often to his own detriment, to the bitter end. It twists and turns – the “filling out” of each major character you meet is cleverly done – you are left in no doubt as to the motivations for their actions, even when you are screaming at them to stop being so completely idiotic (as some of them, most especially for me Daniel’s wife, often are). The ending was superb and very unexpected – therefore this authors next book is high on my list of reading priorities. If you like crime fiction, most especially “serial killer” thrillers then I would say they don’t come much better than this




My latest blogpost talked about Genre Reading and getting out of your comfort zone, and occasionally trying something a bit different. Well thats what I did with “Ethan Justice” a novel that perhaps I would not have picked up in the ordinary course of things but now I have I’m glad I did. It was one of those enjoyable books that kind of flows over you, pulling you along with it and when you are finally done you realise you’ve had a great time! John Smith, pretty much living off his parents and basically drifting from day to day, suddenly finds himself having to reassess his life. Then a night of drunken debauchery with a high class prostitute sends him tumbling into a whole new world – one of shadowy goverment agencies, pyschotic killers and well, just general mayhem.

The writer has a great style – it took me  a few pages but then it kicked into high gear and we were off. The only time you hear a “first person” side is from the most evil of the characters…so evil you will LOVE him and that is a clever tactic that works really well within the context of the rest of the novel. Savannah the stereotypical “hooker with a heart of gold” turns out to be perhaps less stereotypical than you would expect and John Smith – yes you heard me, and yes that humour is worked well into the book – is interesting and engaging. I’m not sure what genre you could put it in safely – a lot goes on in this book and its all highly entertaining – spy thriller might be the closest I could come but really its just terrific fun and if you’ve got a rather boring Sunday ahead, this would be the perfect solution.

My thanks to Mr Jenner for sending me a copy of this book to review. I had a wonderful time reading it.




A first outing for Detective Inspector January David, this bodes well for a brilliant new series in the world of, what I call, Crime Fiction Plus. January is investigating a serial killer, and 3 victims in, there are no clues and the killings just stop. Then comes Girl 4..someone January knows. Well he should do…its his wife. And she is still alive. Told from the point of view of January, the Killer and also his victims, this is a terrific “serial killer thriller” with just a touch of a supernatural twist. Be warned though – have “The Two” at the ready because the ending to Girl 4 is a twisty cliffhanger and you won’t want to stop reading there!




I think if I read any more good books, my head might explode. No, really, it might explode. Luckily for Mr Edwards, the police will not be arresting him for manslaughter because despite the brilliance of his solo novel, I managed to drink a decent cup of coffee just in time having finished it, so my brain is still intact. Just. Jamie and Kirsty find their perfect home (remember that feeling? I do!) and move in with visions of a happy fulfilling future together. At first everything really is perfect. They settle in, meet their neighbours, plan on a baby and basically do everything you do when you are expecting a fairly standard but absolutely terrific future together. Then, slowly and inexorably, things change. At first its little things – pizza’s arriving unexpectedly, subscriptions to magazines they have no interest in, and hoax calls to the fire brigade…but this is just the start. The beauty of this novel lies in the small details and the descriptive prose used to make us feel what Kirsty and Jamie are be right there at their side when at first bemusement, then disbelief, then terror strike. Their state of mind and actions are extremely realistic – and the cause of their problem, a particular set of neighbours, are mundane enough in their appearance to be truly frightening. What can you do when anyone you tell looks at you as if you are the mad one? If the Police can do nothing, and indeed can’t even admit there is a problem? These are the issues that face this couple. I read this in a day and some terrific writing means that, having read it, even knowing that my own neighbours are lovely people, I am going to be viewing them with a certain amount of suspicion for quite some time. Sorry neighbours! Brilliant stuff. More please.



So, I started reading this early afternoon and five hours later I was done. Yes it really is that good – I would strongly advise that you do not pick it up unless you have a free few hours to spare. Strangely I didnt think I was going to like it for the first few pages, probably because there is no hanging around – bam! There you are, straight into the action. Having just finished a slightly less pacy book, its probable that my brain took a few pages to catch up with the rest of me! After that however, I was completely hooked. Isabel accidentally hits Alicia with her car, and as anyone would, offers her assistance. Upon realising that Alicia is a bit down and out, Isabel gets her a job and slowly but surely Alicia becomes part of her life. Then the fun and games really begin. A series of strange fires, the complete and utter adoration of Alicia from all Isabel’s friends, and a missing cat, all form part of a really entertaining (and often bemusing and nerve wracking) tale. I loved all the characters in this, the dynamic between the group of friends, both before Alicia’s arrival and after, is extremely realistic – in fact the carefree and intimate way they interact certainly is reminiscent of a group of friends I had in my younger years and I would imagine anyone reading this might be reminded of such relationships from their own lives. What happens to Isabel, and her cohorts, and their reactions to these things, are very well written. You almost feel as if you are there with them. At its heart, this is a story about friendships, the things that test those friendships, and how your relationships might change as a result. It is also a brilliant psychological thriller that will keep you turning the pages until you are done. If Ms Dounaeva had another book out already, that is what I would be reading right now. Well, maybe later…I need some coffee first! Terrific, don’t miss it.




In this book we meet DS Kate Redman, starting a new job in the West Country and immediately becoming embroiled in a kidnap/murder case. I assume from the title that there will be more to come featuring this character and that pleases me greatly. This is a well written mystery – it draws you in immediately, but also in a lot of ways its quite a gentle read. You won’t find jaw dropping twists and turns, but you WILL get what I imagine would be quite close to how a real police investigation might pan out and certainly there are enough red herrings to keep any crime reader happy. Kate herself is interesting as a character – she has demons in her past that speak to who she is today and why this particular case is a difficult one for her to handle – I will say as well, the author covers a subject that is quite close to my heart and does so with great insight – not something I can expand upon because a review in my opinion should never contain spoilers. Suffice to say this is not just any case to Kate and that is the heart of this novel. Very good indeed – I look forward to the next Kate Redman mystery with interest.




The first in what is going to be a series of books featuring Sam Blackett, this was a highly enjoyable novel and a great opener. We meet Sam as she is travelling and feeling a bit down – her plans to write about her travels and sell her articles to various magazines is not going well. Nearly out of money, and on the verge of returning home, she rashly agrees to go on an expedition with three men she has only just met, up the mountains in Nepal to the legendary “Powder Burn” mountain run – assuming of course it exists. They are intending to make a Snowboarding film, she promises them an article in National Geographic…what can POSSIBLY go wrong?.Well, Sam is a great character, feisty, not above lying if it gets her where she wants to be, and she takes no nonsense from anyone so you would be right to assume its not going to be plain sailing. Don’t expect a standard thriller here either – This book will surprise you with its depth and where it takes its characters, which is why I’m not saying more about the plot.. Think “Adventure” in the style of Alistair Maclean but very much with its own voice and sense of style. Great writing, great characterisation and an interesting and unusual story this is a great read…and the ending will make you smile. I look forward to the next in the series and am very grateful to Mr Chisnall for sending me a copy of this to enjoy…because enjoy it I did.




This is not a book I would normally pick up, but having seen some bits and pieces about it on Twitter I decided to take the leap and give it a go. I was not disappointed. The author’s descriptive talents carried me along with the story. His sense of place is terrific – you can certainly “see” your surroundings while you are reading. There are plenty of twists and turns and I liked how the story was drawn out over past and present. If you like your crime gritty and intriguing then this is for you. I will certainly read some more from this author.

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