True Crime Podcast Review: AJC’s Breakdown.

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Honestly if you are missing Serial and haven’t yet listened to AJC’s Breakdown I would go queue or download every episode right now…

Bill Rankin, host, intelligent purveyor of every side of a story, tells us they were inspired by Serial but that he is no Sarah Koenig. I beg to differ. Obviously he is not Sarah but if you can imagine a slightly laid back, male version of her you’d probably be about right.

Of course a good podcast isn’t ALL about the host its about the stories. Over the course of its seven seasons and ongoing season eight Breakdown looks at a variety of cases where there has been, yes you guessed it, some kind of breakdown in the system. But also it tells very human stories that are often emotional and always fascinating…taking into account all sides of the story, all points of view, just about anything you can think of that gives you the biggest picture and the best chance of making an informed decision.

Guilty or Innocent, Bill and his various excellent co hosts make no assumptions, won’t push you in any one direction..they report, they discuss, they talk to anyone and everyone involved, following the often strange and unexpected twists and turns of every case they examine.

I actually think I prefer Breakdown to Serial now. But sssh don’t tell anyone….

Very much recommended for all fans of true crime podcasts.

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