Latest Reads: What Was Lost Jean Levy.

Sarah has no memories. She just knows she was found, near death, on a beach miles from her London home. Now she is part of a medical experiment to see whether her past can be retrieved. But bad things seemed to have happened before she disappeared. The police are interested… Continue reading

The Ash Doll James Hazel – Blog Tour (re) Review.

Publication Date 20th September from Bonnier. Source: Review Copy. What starts out like any other major libel trial for prolific lawyer Charlie Priest turns into a legal train wreck when the defence’s star witness turns up murdered. While the defence stalls for time, Priest is determined to find out who… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Janus Run Douglas Skelton

When Coleman Lang finds his girlfriend Gina dead in his New York City apartment, he thinks nothing could be worse… until he becomes the prime suspect. Desperate to uncover the truth and clear his name, Coleman hits the streets. But there’s a deranged Italian hitman, an intuitive cop, two US… Continue reading

Latest Reads: One Dark Night Tom Bale.

He sees his wife’s eyes watching him in the rear-view mirror, the kids up on their knees to get a better look. That’s when he hears the scream… You’re driving home from a family outing one afternoon, when a speeding car cuts you up, nearly causing you to crash. Like… Continue reading

Killer Women – Killer Weekend. Talking to Rachel Abbott and Alison Joseph.

Today, along with good friend Vicky at Off The Shelf, I have a couple of the participants at this years Killer Women Festival answering three little questions to get us all in the mood. I attended two years ago and it was a criminally good day and I’m sure that… Continue reading

The Toymakers Robert Dinsdale Blog Tour Review.

Do you remember when you believed in magic? The Emporium opens with the first frost of winter. It is the same every year. Across the city, when children wake to see ferns of white stretched across their windows, or walk to school to hear ice crackling underfoot, the whispers begin:… Continue reading

What Falls Between The Cracks Robert Scragg Blog Tour Review

Did she slip through the cracks, or was she pushed? When a severed hand is found in an abandoned flat, Detective Jake Porter and his partner Nick Styles are able to DNA match the limb to the owner, Natasha Barclay, who has not been seen in decades. But why has… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The House On Vesper Sands Paraic O’Donnell.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the darkness is complete.’ It is the winter of 1893, and in London the snow is falling. It is falling as Gideon Bliss seeks shelter in a Soho church, where he finds Angie Tatton lying before the altar. His one-time love is at death’s door, murmuring about… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Corset Laura Purcell.

Dorothea and Ruth. Prison visitor and prisoner. Powerful and powerless. Dorothea Truelove is young, wealthy and beautiful. Ruth Butterham is young, poor and awaiting trial for murder. When Dorothea’s charitable work leads her to Oakgate Prison, she is delighted with the chance to explore her fascination with phrenology and test… Continue reading